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Remote Jobs That Pay $60K+

High-Paying Jobs That Bring Home the Bacon From Your Couch If you are working remotely due to the pandemic or because it is your personal preference, you’re probably worried about finding a job that pays what you need. Fortunately, CNBC … Continue reading

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Why Some People Don’t Retire

Why Retirement Isn’t for Everyone There’s a chance that there is someone in your life that is well beyond the age of retirement, but they continue to work. You tell yourself things like, “they don’t need the money, so why … Continue reading

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How to Get a Good Job With Google

How to Find/Land a Job With Google There are currently more than 1,000 positions available now at Google! If you want to get one of these jobs, you should follow some of this advice including advice from Google itself! What … Continue reading

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Where is it Possible to Find Remote Work?

Companies Hiring for Remote Positions As we continue on with the pandemic, many of us are struggling to find work. Even though there are 1 million jobs available now, many of us are wary to accept a job that would … Continue reading

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How to Ask for a Raise

The Proper Way to Ask for a Raise Talking about your pay with your employer doesn’t have to be an awkward conversation. You know that you want to be making more money, but you also know that your employer wants … Continue reading

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Resume Quiz – How Good Are Your Interview Skills?

Take this quiz and receive our free Job Interview Guide ($24.95 value) packed with all the tips, tricks, and secrets you need to know to get the job you deserve. Always keep your resume up to date to ready for … Continue reading

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Driving Your Resume Off the Employment Highway – Funniest Resume Bloopers

Worried that mistakes on your resume are holding you back? Schedule a free appointment to speak with a professional resume writer. Use our online appointment scheduler to book an appointment or call 1-800-730-3244 to speak with a professional today. Like … Continue reading

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RazorEdge Resume Reviews From Our Clients

Who we are We are RazorEdgeResumes. We are the premiere resume writing and career support firm.  Our company has more than 45 years of experience in working with leaders, potential leaders and motivated job seekers across many industries around the … Continue reading

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Top 6 Hottest Job Markets for 2020

Location, Location, Location! – Top U.S. Job Markets for 2020 We have seen some promising reports suggesting the American economic recovery is continuing. Two of the biggest stories so far this year include a strong December Jobs Report and news … Continue reading

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Top 6 Worst Mistakes You Are Making In Your Job Search

The Worst Mistakes to Make When Looking for a New Job If you are looking for job search assistance online, there is no doubt you have read numerous conflicting articles pointing you in all sorts of directions. Many online sources … Continue reading

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