LinkedIn Has a New Job Tool to Combat COVID

LinkedIn COVID tool

LinkedIn’s New Job Search Tool is Pandemic Proof

The pandemic has obviously taken its toll on many professionals across the country. From record-setting unemployment records to people changing their career path altogether in order to find work.

Luckily, LinkedIn seems to realize just how hard it is for their network of more than 700 million people. In a recent blog post, LinkedIn announced that they are releasing a new tool that helps people find jobs a little outside of their comfort zones.

What Does the Tool Do?

Career Explorer is meant to help professionals find jobs that they are qualified to do, but might not be jobs directly in their industry.

For example, if you have experience working as a print designer and that’s where you are used to working, this tool might find you a job as a graphic designer. Basically, the tool takes all of your experience and skills to help find more jobs that you can do.

How Do I Use it?

The tool is currently in beta and is also only available in English as of now. It still works, but it is clearly limited for the time being.

Enter in where you live and what you do for a living, and the tool will tell you other jobs that you may be qualified to do. From there, you can start looking for those jobs on LinkedIn.

You can find the tool by clicking here.

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