How Alexa Can Help You Find a Job

How Alexa Can Help You Find a Job 

Find a Job Using Your Alexa

Your Alexa isn’t just a tool for setting timers for your laundry cycle, it can also help you find a job!

Through the Alexa app, you can add skills to your device that can help you find a job in this tumultuous job climate.

Adding them is easy, and using them is even easier if you follow these steps.

What Skills to Add and How to Add Them

From your app, go to the Skills and Games section. Under “Categories,” you will see a category called “Business and Finance.” From here, you can sift through some recommended skills to find some that work for you!

One that we highly recommend is the “Interview Me” skill. Through this skill, you can ask Alexa to interview you, and your device will begin asking you job interview questions. If you need to hone your job interview skills, you can bounce your skills off your Alexa device!

Another great job search skill is one literally called “Job Search.” Through this skill, you can ask your Alexa device to find you a job. You can even ask it to find jobs in a specific field and a specific location. For example, you can tell Alexa to find you a teaching job in Chicago.

Wow, What Can’t Alexa Do?

One of the areas where Alexa can’t exactly help you is with writing a professional resume. However, we can help you with that. Across the country, professionals are not landing jobs because solely because their resume is not getting through applicant tracking systems. However, you can get through applicant tracking systems with a professionally-made resume.

Click here for a free consultation with a professional resume writer. They will make a professional resume for you to help you land your dream job.

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