Driving Your Resume Off the Employment Highway – Funniest Resume Bloopers

Like a computer, resume outcome is only as good as the input. It only takes a small resume oversight to run your career off the job search highway. Often individuals will bring in unsuccessful resumes for review, only to find that with care, errors could have been avoided. Here is content from a few examples:

  • Certifications: Notary Republic
  • Completed evening shit work. (Too bad about the f in shift.)
  • Interests: Women and fishing, not always in that order.

Women or fishing. Resume Bloopers.

  • Social Worker: Assisted undeserved populations.
  • Resume with a picture of a tombstone on the front which read, “This Could be You!” On the back was a resume with an opening indicating the consequences of passing up this candidates excellent background.
  • Retail Clerk: Pretended to be interested in clients so they would buy stuff.
  • Administrative Assistant: Supported staff in daily activities… basically the office bitch.
  • Reasons for leaving the last three jobs. 1). Boss was crazy. 2). Boss was crazy. 3). Boss was crazy.
  • Adept at daily flogging.

Daily flogging. Resume Bloopers

  • Called potential customers for aluminum siding sales preferably while they were eating dinner.
  • Hospital Engineer under personal: Married to Boffo the Clown, available for children’s parties.
  • Proofreader: Ensured eror-free copy.
  • Can solve a Rubik’s Cube in under a minute
  • Can drink a gallon of milk in 10 minutes

Funny milk humor resume

  • Can recite Pi up to 500 digits
  • Can charm anyone, even a pigeon
  • I’m a big dude so I can handle myself in a fight
  • Experienced drinker and party animal. I’m comfortable with working in environments with drunk people.
  • Can hold five baseballs in one hand
  • Gator hunting
  • Understood the movie “Interstellar”
  • Can cook Minute Rice in 58 seconds

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If you don’t think you need to have someone look at your resume, take the quiz below.

Should you write your own resume quiz.

Answer these questions.

1. True or False. A resume should always be one page.

Answer: If you answered true, then you should consult a professional

Answer 2: If you still think the answer is true, you REALLY need a professional.

2. Given a choice, you should have a friend, neighbor or relative write your resume or fix your brakes on your car.

Answer: It is more dangerous to have a non-professional write your resume than it is to have them fix your brakes. Your career can have a value into the millions and a poor resume will keep you from the best opportunities where as a bad break job has a much lower risk potential.

3. What is the best day to apply for a job?

Answer: Ask a professional resume writer or ask your neighbor who just fixed your brakes.

4. It is cheaper to write your own resume?

Answer: The bigger question is what would be lost by not having your resume done professionally. If for example, it took six months to find out a home made resume wasn’t working, then the cost of doing it yourself might be ½ a year’s pay which is definitely more than a resume writer would charge you.

5. What could possibly go wrong when doing my own resume?

Answer: Please reread this article from the top of the page.


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