Penn Grad Creates Job Site For Those Who Lost Their Job Due to Pandemic

Post-Pandemic Job Site May Get You Your Next Job

The pandemic caused many people to lose all sense of productivity, but it caused one Penn graduate to jump into action.

After several family members and friends lost their jobs due to COVID-19, Sigal Spitzer created a website for individuals who lost their jobs as a direct result of the coronavirus.

new job search website

The website currently has more than 100,000 job listings as well as active recruiters who are helping workers find their next job.

How Does it Work?

The site works a lot like your typical job-search site; begin by inputting what kind of job you want and where you live.

From there, you will create an online profile similar to how you do on sites like Indeed. After that, you will be shown available jobs in your area, which you will be able to apply for directly. You will also appear in talent searches so that companies looking for people in your field will stumble upon your profile and your resume, so make sure that you have a great resume.

How Does it Stand Out From Sites Like Indeed?

If you have ever applied for a job on a site like LinkedIn or Indeed, you probably have gotten a notification saying that your application has been viewed. However, on this platform, users will receive a notification when a hiring manager finds their profile/application, and allows the user to reach out to the hiring manger first.

Another thing to point out is that you can search for jobs based on a job’s description. If you’re like me, there are times that you have seen a job title that wasn’t familiar to you, but when you read the description it sounded much like jobs that you have done before.

Should I Use It Instead of Indeed or LinkedIn?

If you are back on the job hunt, you should highly consider using this website to find a job. However, you shouldn’t use this site rather than Indeed or LinkedIn.

Applying for jobs is ultimately a numbers game where people apply for anything and everything that fits their needs until something eventually sticks. If you eliminate your presence on Indeed or LinkedIn, you are hurting your chances to find a job later down the road. Instead, you should add more channels for looking for jobs rather than reducing them.



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