How to Get a Good Job With Google

find a job with google

How to Find/Land a Job With Google

There are currently more than 1,000 positions available now at Google!

If you want to get one of these jobs, you should follow some of this advice including advice from Google itself!

What Does Google Say?

A great thing about Google is that they make sure that applications are read by humans. They even say this on their website. Whether or not your application goes through the next steps depends on how you write that resume.

Google recommends that you tailor your resume based on the description of the job that interests you. This will stick out to the people that read your resume, and can help you maximize your chances of moving forward with the next steps.

If you really want to maximize your chances, you should consider hiring a professional resume writer. A professional resume writer will make sure that your resume contains everything that Google is looking for when they get the application.

Google also recommends that you be specific about your work experience. If you have been part of some impressive projects, go into detail about them. This includes talking about teams you’ve worked with, and college projects as well.

The jobs you are applying for probably have thousands of other applicants, so you need to try your best to stand out.

Find the Right Job

If you want to work for Google, you can follow this link to find jobs in your area and in your expertise.

For example, I entered that I was looking for a job in SEO somewhere in Chicago. I also said that I have my bachelor’s degree. Several jobs came up including a search analyst position. This was my first attempt at trying to find a job at Google, and I was able to find a solid job listing right away.

What If I Get An Interview?

If you are given the chance to interview for a position, you will probably do so via the phone or Google Hangouts. Google does do in-person interviews, just probably not during a global pandemic.

There is a good chance that you will be asked to demonstrate some of your abilities during the interview (especially if you want to be a software engineer), so make sure you can talk hands-free so you can type).

Google suggests that you plan out what questions you think you might be asked. According to their site, you will probably guess 90% of the questions that they will ask you. They also recommend that you work as a storyteller and answer every question they give you with a story that dives into that you know what you are doing and that you are qualified for the job.


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