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Penn Grad Creates Job Site For Those Who Lost Their Job Due to Pandemic

Post-Pandemic Job Site May Get You Your Next Job The pandemic caused many people to lose all sense of productivity, but it caused one Penn graduate to jump into action. After several family members and friends lost their jobs due … Continue reading

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Boost Your Career with Philanthropy

The Importance of Philanthropy If you are out of work, or if you have some extra time after work, you should highly consider philanthropy. Not only does philanthropy look good on a resume, but also it is a tremendous way … Continue reading

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Four Reasons Why Businesses Fail

When you start a company or when you first start to get your company off the ground, there are a few hurdles that can get in the way and make the process difficult. However, there are solutions to each of … Continue reading

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Five Bachelor’s Degree Jobs that pay $100,000+

Have a Bachelor’s Degree? These Jobs Will Pay You $100,000 If you’re a recent college grad, some of the salaries you see for jobs can be depressing. Nothing is quite as disheartening as seeing a job that pays a $29,000 … Continue reading

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Skills to Hone During the Pandemic

If you are struggling to find ways to stay productive during the pandemic, consider looking into some things that can help you grow in your professional career. Unless you’re a chef, perfecting a bread recipe isn’t going to help much … Continue reading

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Things to Consider if You’re Going Back to Work

What to Remember When Returning to Work As the country begins to heal from the pandemic, many businesses are reopening as people return to work. However, this does not mean that the pandemic is over and COVID-19 is dead. This … Continue reading

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7 Books to Help You Find a Job

7 Best Job Search Books There is a vast wealth of information on the internet to help you find a job and to give you tips on how to land a job. However, there is also a wealth of information … Continue reading

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How Does the Pandemic Compare to the Great Depression?

Pandemic Vs. Great Depression: What Do the Numbers Say? It goes without saying that the pandemic has taken a major economic toll. True, the recession from the late 2000s was rough, but the current unemployment rates have been the highest … Continue reading

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Best Practices For Your Email

How to Impress With Your Email If you’re in the workforce, you probably know by now that almost all communication is done via email. Scheduling interviews, scheduling meetings, communicating with basically everyone at work and reaching out to clients is … Continue reading

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How to Virtually Find a Job

Best Practices For Online Job Search If you’ve applied for a job within the past decade, you’ve probably done it online. With that being said, you might think that you’re an old pro at this, but that is not necessarily … Continue reading

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