How to Ask For the Job During an Interview

How to ask for a job during the interview

Asking For a Job During An Interview

During job interviews, we can get very excited to the point where we want to get hired there on the spot.

Although you may really want the job, you don’t want to come off as overly eager as it can hurt your case. However, there are ways to indirectly ask for the job that won’t hurt your chances of getting it. These methods will advance the interview while putting the idea of you getting the job into the mind of the hiring manager.

Express Your Interest

There is nothing wrong with saying to the hiring manager that you are “extremely interested” in the position.

You can also tell the hiring manager that you look forward to potentially working with the company or the hiring manager themselves. Excitement and interest can both be great things in an interview when they aren’t used in excess. Your excitement may be remembered by the hiring manager when it comes time to make a final decision. In some cases, if a hiring manager knows that you are passionate about the job, they may offer you the job as they know you are interested in the position.

Express Your Confidence in Your Ability

One of the most important things that you need to tell the hiring manager is that you are confident in your ability to do this job. You can back up this confidence by telling a story about how you did a similar job or how you have accomplished the job’s goals before.

Expressing your confidence can also make the hiring manager more confident in you as well. If the hiring manager is confident in you and your abilities, you are more likely to get a job offer.

Ask If There is Anything Else They Need to Know

If you have proven that you have the ability to perform all of the tasks required by this company, you should get a job offer or an answer soon.

However, this still isn’t always the case. A lot of time, companies refuse to hire until they interview everyone who applied for the position. With that being said, there is something that you can do to prove that you are the person for the job.

Ask the interview if there is anything else that they are looking for, or if there is anything else that they need to know. If you have everything that they are looking for, then why interview anyone else? If they don’t need to know anything else, then why not give you an answer now!

Granted, you shouldn’t beg for an answer there and then, but these are some ideas to put into their head!

Tell Them That You’re Willing to Start Soon!

A lot of the time, businesses need to hire for a position sooner rather than later. Something you can do to better your chances is to say you can start as soon as they need you. In fact, you could give them an exact date that you would be willing to start.

If the company is deciding between you and one other person for a job, they may go with you if you are willing to start sooner than your competition.

Ask For the Next Steps

The best thing you can do is to ask for the next steps of the hiring process. You are not asking for the job outright, but you are asking for what comes next.

This may include a second interview, talking with another person, sending in additional material or even hiring papers. Ask the hiring manager for the next steps, and get moving with your potential new job.

Go in With a Winning Resume!

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