New Job in 2020: Remote Worker Supervisor

New job in 2020

How to Find Work as a Remote Worker Supervisor

During the pandemic, tons of people began working remotely as their offices became unsafe due to the threat of the coronavirus. As a result, companies now need to figure out how to adequately manage a staff of workers who aren’t going to see the inside of their office.

Now, companies are hiring remote worker supervisors to watch over their remote staff. These are people that know how to maintain productivity and maintain communication with a staff that can’t meet in person.

If you’re looking for one of these jobs, know where to look and know what to say!

You Need Management Experience and Remote Work Experience

People that have experience managing a team remotely are going to stand the best chance of landing one of these jobs obviously. However, not all of us have that experience in our past. The good news is everyone with management experience probably has something similar.

As a manager, you have had to communicate with employees through methods other than being face-to-face. You have to see if they’re coming to work by calling them, texting them or emailing them. You have to ask them questions when they’re not at work sometimes.

Furthermore, you need to show that you know how to work remotely. Explain on your resume that you know how to work from home while still staying productive.

Productivity is Key

The major concern that businesses have with their remote workers is that they won’t remain productive while working. On your resume, you need to discuss how you know how to remain productive.

Talk about how you steer away from procrastination. Explain that you know how to remain productive at work and that you know how to make sure a staff is staying productive.

Talk about your time-management skills and what tools you have in place to check in on your own productivity as well as the productivity of your employees.

How to Find The Jobs

Many job search sites now are allowing job seekers to exclusively look for positions that are remote. This can really help narrow down your job search.

You can also narrow down positions so that you can find a company that is looking to fill a management job. Hang out on job sites like LinkedIn and Indeed and start looking for jobs while entering in these criteria.

Go in With a Winning Resume

Your best bet in getting one of these jobs is to submit a professionally-made resume. This means one that was made by a professional resume writer.

Professional resume writers make resumes that get through applicant-tracking systems. These are systems that filter out resumes that lack the proper keywords and key phrases.

Professional resume writers make sure that your resume is built to get through applicant-tracking systems and get into the hands of hiring managers. Click here to schedule a free consultation with a professional resume writer.


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