Top Ten Job Search Websites

Best Job Search Websites

When you’re looking for a job, picking the right website can make or break you. If you pick the right one right away, you might land a job soon. If you pick he wrong one, you might be in unemployment limbo for months.

If you’re on the job hunt, make sure you consult this list to learn which job search website is the right one for you!

What is the Best Job Search Website?

1. Indeed

Indeed is a one-stop shop if you’re looking for your next opportunity. Indeed is free to use, and hosts one of the largest platforms online for job posting.

You can build and save multiple resumes so that you can make sure you’re sending the right one to the right job. If you need help building that stellar resume, we can help you with that!

Applying for a job can be less than a 30-second process. You also will get plenty of information about the company you are applying with, so you can rest assured that you are applying to work with a legitimate business and not a scam!

2. LinkedIn

Like Indeed, LinkedIn posts jobs from verified companies, so you shouldn’t see too many scams on the site. What you will see is lots of information about the company, and about the actual account that posted the job.

LinkedIn will also give you updates on when the company looked at your application, so you can rest assured that your application did not go unnoticed. To make things even better, when you apply for a job on LinkedIn, your LinkedIn profile is shared with the company, so they will be able to see all of your recommendations and endorsements from your connections! If you’re looking to land a job quick, LinkedIn might just be your saving grace!

3. SnagAJob

SnagAJob is a great resource for job seekers and for companies that are looking to fill open positions. In case you are looking for something more part time or to just pick up a quick shift, SnagAJob can help find you temporary work.

The site also offers tips for job seekers to help them find and land their dream job!

4. Jooble

Although Jooble isn’t as well-known as Indeed or LinkedIn, they still belong on the top half of this list. Jooble posts everything. If someone posts a job on Indeed, Jooble will post that same posting on their website, and will forward you to Indeed to fill it out. Basically, if there is a job posting on the internet, it is somewhere on Jooble.

Rather than having to jump from site to site, Jooble puts them all in one convenient place; taking that hassle off of your shoulders!

5. Glassdoor

To be frank, Glassdoor does not have nearly as good of job-search tools as other entries on this list; however, they are great when it comes to learning about a company. Within minutes of being on Glassdoor, you can learn whether or not a company is legitimate, what you can expect for a salary-range and read past experiences and testimonials from employees.

6. Google Careers

That’s right! Google even has their toe dipped into the job search market! If you’re looking for a job, simply Googling what you’re looking for can bring up some results.

For example, if you Google “journalism jobs” Google will show you listings for jobs in that field in your area! Although Google isn’t built for just job searching, it is great that you can use Google’s intuitive search engine to find your next job!

Also, if you have a company that is looking to post new open positions on a job search site, then Google Jobs might be your best bet!

7. VelvetJobs

VelvetJobs is a premiere site for not only finding jobs, but for also learning more about how to find jobs.

The site offers tools on how to craft a resume. It also shows examples of well-crafted resumes from people in your field.

Remember, if you REALLY want a well-crafted resume, you should hire a professional.

8. Upwork

If you have a highly-specialized skill set, it can be harder for you to find a job than others. That’s where Upwork comes in handy.

Let’s say you’re a journalist looking for your next writing job. Sure, there’s plenty of jobs in writing that you can find on Indeed or LinkedIn, but actual journalism jobs can be few and far between. Upwork will take your resume and skills and show it to companies looking for someone with your skills!  Work can range from freelance to full-time!

9. SimplyHired

SimplyHired is basically Indeed’s baby brother. It uses much of the same interface and basically the same job-search engine. In fact, you’ll be forwarded to Indeed quite a few times while using this.

So why use SimplyHired when you can use Indeed?

SimplyHired has a few helpful tools for people who need to brush up on writing a resume or cover letter. If you’re new to the job market, SimplyHired is a great place to start your journey!

10. Craigslist

Wait, isn’t Craigslist that place where your dad bought his lawnmower?

Well… yeah.

Although Craigslist is largely known for buying and selling things locally, it is also a place where you can offer and seek services.

You’re probably not going to find a six-figure job that is going to kickstart the rest of your life, but you will find odd jobs here and there that can help pay the bills.

If you’re looking for a side hustle, than look no further than the jobs on Craigslist!

Don’t give up on your job search!

Remember to stay positive, and keep at the hunt! If you need help crafting your resume or cover letter, than we can help! Check out our online schedule, and get a free consultation to meet with a resume writing professional!

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