Manners Maketh Man: How Formalities Elevate Professionalism

While many modern companies take pride in creating a more casual or laid-back workplace. Sometimes this allows for more honest communication with clients, in essence dropping the act.

But many times, your demeanor and your formalities are both vital when working with your clients. It establishes you and your business as truly professional.

Formalities bring professionalism to client relationships

When meeting with clients, especially new ones, it’s important to remain professional to establish yourself as legitimate. 

Many potential clients can be nervous coming into a business for the first time. Friendly greetings, small talk and offering any niceties clients might need like water bottles go a long way.

These things all contribute to the image your clients see when they come to your business. If someone went to two resume services, and one treated them like a real person when they walked in versus one that cuts directly to the sale, where do you think the client will feel more respected?

Take yourself seriously, and others will too

When you go to a new mechanic, you want them to know what they’re doing, right? The first step to reassuring the client is that level of professionalism. Showing that you listen to clients’ issues and taking them seriously goes a long way.

Maintaining your professionalism through your conversations with clients will establish your expertise in your profession. From there, clients will refer to your business as the real deal.

Establishes clear boundaries with clients

Professional manners also create clear motives and boundaries your clients will understand. While you are providing a service or product to clients, you are also in business to make money. 

When you are too lackadaisical or informal with your clients, it can lead to a breakdown in communications and expectations. While it’s smart to create a relaxed environment for your clients, it’s another thing to glaze over important parts of your sale for the sake of said environment.

For practical application, make your greetings and get to know your clients, but also assert your objectives in the conversation including clear description of services/products and their prices.

Sometimes these things seem obvious, but consistently presenting yourself with professionalism is critical; it’s the little things that separate the good from the great.

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Plot Your Financial Future With These Free Tools

We have all had moments where we took a look at our finances and thought, “How did
things get this bad?” You would like to hire a financial advisor to look things over, but
that can cost more money than you can afford.

Luckily, there are tons of financial tools that you can use online for free that can help
you get your finances in order. If you are having some issues with your finances, check
out some of these tools to help you whip your checking and savings accounts into shape!

1. is one of the best online financial tools we have come across if not the
best. This includes tools that cost money. The site offers multiple online calculators that can help you.

Among the available calculator tools are one that helps you calculate your car loan, one that helps you calculate your mortgage, one that helps you figure out how long it will take you to pay off your credit card and one for general financial planning. If you only check out one of these online tools, make it this one.


Making the decision to go to college is a big one and not just because of the amount of
time you are sacrificing. College is expensive so you shouldn’t take the decision lightly.

Before you decide to go to college, you should first calculate how long it will take you to
pay off your student loans. has tools such as a great calculator that will help you figure out just how long it will take, and how much interest will accrue during that time.

Once you use’s tools, you will be able to responsibly make the call of whether or not college is right for you!

3. Nerdwallet 50-30-20 Calculator

Figuring out how to divide your paycheck into where you need to spend that money can
be a headache to say the least. Luckily, Nerdwallet has you covered with their financial tools, including their 50-30-20 calculator.

According to Nerdwallet, one of the most effective ways to divvy up your paycheck is to have 50% of it go to your needs, 30% go to your wants and 20% go into savings.

By using this calculator, you can start saving money while making sure that you still have your wants and needs covered. Simply knowing how your paycheck is going to be divided every pay period is such a relief that you won’t know how you went so long without knowing!

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How to Best Support Remote Employees

Working from home sounds great on paper–no idling through traffic, no communal microwave mishaps and you can wear whatever you want on your bottom half. But it’s not without its challenges.

In response to COVID-19 forcing human contact restrictions, an estimated 56% of Americans currently work from home–up from 43% in 2016. Zoom Conference Calls, setting up webcams and restricted communication already feel like the new norm–and many analysts agree that once the COVID dust has settled, working from home may be one of the aspects of this volatile year that sticks with us.

To maintain a healthy working life, employees must pivot their habits to accommodate the challenges that come with working from home. Engagement, communication and productivity can all take a hit through remote work–but there are ways to remedy this. Here’s how.

(Video) Communication is Key

To bridge the long-distance gap, establish a daily standup with your team through video conferences. A daily standup is a brief meeting at the beginning of the day to review your objectives with your team. Supervisors can clearly communicate their expectations and goals for the day, and employees can express their questions and concerns. This is also a great time to connect with your coworkers and socialize.

Create a Dedicated Workspace

It’s important to keep your work and home separate when working from home, as contradictory as that sounds. Set up a dedicated workspace so you aren’t digging for documents under your bed or analyzing spreadsheets in front of the TV.

Manage Your Time

When the line between your office and home gets blurred, time management can become fickle or even nonexistent. As the work parameters you’re used to in the office go out the window, it’s important to keep your work routine as regimented as possible. Limit social media distractions, set a schedule and keep to it and designate your spaces for work and home life.

Working from home can be an amazing, productive experience–but there are common pitfalls to watch out for. The most important thing is to be aware of these pitfalls and address them before they take root. Communicate with your coworkers, designate a workspace and manage your time, and you’ll be a work-from-home wizard!

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Why Your Boss Cares About Starting on Time

There’s always something that can make us run out of time before work: the bus driver is new, the train runs late or you just plain woke up late. Whatever the case, if you’re not on time for work your boss is gonna be peeved, to put it mildly. 

Whether you have motivation for your job or not, your boss does have a legitimate reason for their frustration. It’s not just on principle – being on time has important implications in leadership, teamwork and compensation.

What’s Fair for One is Fair for All

When your boss doesn’t enforce time rules, it sets two bad precedents: their authority isn’t solid, and there’s favoritism in the workplace.

In some jobs you might love or hate your boss, but for any workplace to succeed you and your coworkers need to respect your boss. When you don’t show up on time, it undermines their authority and can lead to a general laziness on your other responsibilities as well. It might sound extreme just for not showing up on time, even if by a couple minutes, but discipline makes excellence in any workplace.

If someone else was never coming in on time without any form of reprimand, you would be frustrated right? Knowing the level of acceptable responsibility is lower than what you put into a job would make anyone feel underappreciated for following the rules. This is the problem of favoritism, which can lead to bad relationships between staff as well as decreased morale and standards of the entire team. 

As much as we’d like, no amount of multitasking can make up for coworkers who don’t arrive on time.

Every Person is not Independent

In any workplace, everyone operates as a team. In a restaurant, you need servers working with guests, bussers cleaning and resetting tables and chefs cooking the food. If someone doesn’t arrive on time for a hectic day, they not only increase their own workload, but all of their teammates as well. 

On top of this, your customers/clients also suffer when your team suffers. Again, it seems like a minor issue, but these things can build up into compounding issues if you don’t discipline yourself on the simple things.

Compensation is based on time worked

Especially in hourly pay jobs, showing up on time is also crucial for your own well being too. Depending on the job, you might even get into much more serious trouble for missing work, including termination

But none of this is as important as the fact that getting to work on-time and ready to go is for you, not your boss. It’s so you can start the day prepared and organized. It is nice to avoid dealing with the stress of an angry boss, but there’s no better reason to arrive on time than making your job the best you can for yourself.

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Driving Your Resume Off the Employment Highway – Funniest Resume Bloopers

Like a computer, resume outcome is only as good as the input. It only takes a small resume oversight to run your career off the job search highway. Often individuals will bring in unsuccessful resumes for review, only to find that with care, errors could have been avoided. Here is content from a few examples:

  • Certifications: Notary Republic
  • Completed evening shit work. (Too bad about the f in shift.)
  • Interests: Women and fishing, not always in that order.

Women or fishing. Resume Bloopers.

  • Social Worker: Assisted undeserved populations.
  • Resume with a picture of a tombstone on the front which read, “This Could be You!” On the back was a resume with an opening indicating the consequences of passing up this candidates excellent background.
  • Retail Clerk: Pretended to be interested in clients so they would buy stuff.
  • Administrative Assistant: Supported staff in daily activities… basically the office bitch.
  • Reasons for leaving the last three jobs. 1). Boss was crazy. 2). Boss was crazy. 3). Boss was crazy.
  • Adept at daily flogging.

Daily flogging. Resume Bloopers

  • Called potential customers for aluminum siding sales preferably while they were eating dinner.
  • Hospital Engineer under personal: Married to Boffo the Clown, available for children’s parties.
  • Proofreader: Ensured eror-free copy.
  • Can solve a Rubik’s Cube in under a minute
  • Can drink a gallon of milk in 10 minutes

Funny milk humor resume

  • Can recite Pi up to 500 digits
  • Can charm anyone, even a pigeon
  • I’m a big dude so I can handle myself in a fight
  • Experienced drinker and party animal. I’m comfortable with working in environments with drunk people.
  • Can hold five baseballs in one hand
  • Gator hunting
  • Understood the movie “Interstellar”
  • Can cook Minute Rice in 58 seconds

Worried that mistakes on your resume are holding you back? Schedule a free appointment to speak with a professional resume writer. Call 1-800-730-3244 to speak with a resume professional today.

If you don’t think you need to have someone look at your resume, take the quiz below.

Should you write your own resume quiz.

Answer these questions.

1. True or False. A resume should always be one page.

Answer: If you answered true, then you should consult a professional

Answer 2: If you still think the answer is true, you REALLY need a professional.

2. Given a choice, you should have a friend, neighbor or relative write your resume or fix your brakes on your car.

Answer: It is more dangerous to have a non-professional write your resume than it is to have them fix your brakes. Your career can have a value into the millions and a poor resume will keep you from the best opportunities where as a bad break job has a much lower risk potential.

3. What is the best day to apply for a job?

Answer: Ask a professional resume writer or ask your neighbor who just fixed your brakes.

4. It is cheaper to write your own resume?

Answer: The bigger question is what would be lost by not having your resume done professionally. If for example, it took six months to find out a home made resume wasn’t working, then the cost of doing it yourself might be ½ a year’s pay which is definitely more than a resume writer would charge you.

5. What could possibly go wrong when doing my own resume?

Answer: Please reread this article from the top of the page.


About RazorEdgeResumes

RazorEdgeResumes is the executive resume writing division of A Better Resume Service, Inc., with more than 25 years of professional resume writing experience. We offer a full range of resources to help you get the job you want, from cover letter writing and personal branding to LinkedIn profile optimization. We provide personalized services focused on your specific situation and needs. With a proven track record of helping clients in all sorts of industries, put your trust in RazorEdgeResumes to help you take your career to the next level. Don’t miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime because you aren not prepared. Send us your resume for a free consultation by one of our experienced writers and see what we can do for you. Email your resume to or call 1-800-730-3244.

For more resources, visit Job Search Success Central where you can find advice on how to optimize your job search and tailor it to the career you want.


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How Alexa Can Help You Find a Job

How Alexa Can Help You Find a Job 

Find a Job Using Your Alexa

Your Alexa isn’t just a tool for setting timers for your laundry cycle, it can also help you find a job!

Through the Alexa app, you can add skills to your device that can help you find a job in this tumultuous job climate.

Adding them is easy, and using them is even easier if you follow these steps.

What Skills to Add and How to Add Them

From your app, go to the Skills and Games section. Under “Categories,” you will see a category called “Business and Finance.” From here, you can sift through some recommended skills to find some that work for you!

One that we highly recommend is the “Interview Me” skill. Through this skill, you can ask Alexa to interview you, and your device will begin asking you job interview questions. If you need to hone your job interview skills, you can bounce your skills off your Alexa device!

Another great job search skill is one literally called “Job Search.” Through this skill, you can ask your Alexa device to find you a job. You can even ask it to find jobs in a specific field and a specific location. For example, you can tell Alexa to find you a teaching job in Chicago.

Wow, What Can’t Alexa Do?

One of the areas where Alexa can’t exactly help you is with writing a professional resume. However, we can help you with that. Across the country, professionals are not landing jobs because solely because their resume is not getting through applicant tracking systems. However, you can get through applicant tracking systems with a professionally-made resume.

Click here for a free consultation with a professional resume writer. They will make a professional resume for you to help you land your dream job.

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Turn Human Resources Consulting Jobs Into Success

Businesses routinely need competent, creative problem-solving in HR. If you love solving problems and feel excited by new, unique challenges, human resources consulting jobs might be a salient fit for you. These bring to the table fresh challenges and a set of responsibilities that can truly help you develop and evolve in the HR field.

If you are contemplating a career in human resources consulting, there are a few things you need to have in place. It’s vital to understand the nuances and complexities of the job and prepare for them the best you can in order to find sustained success.

There are some important ingredients that you need to incorporate into your career and life to ensure success in this career path. Let us talk about some of these.

Learning and Evolving

While formal education is a great foundation to a successful career, learning and evolving can never stop in the HR field. The landscape of business changes constantly and best practices change along with it. Constant learning and evolving are a must if you want to be fully equipped for the challenges of a career in HR.

Learning the core tenets of HR and gaining the relevant experience can be crucial for success in human resources consulting jobs. You can look for opportunities that allow you to grow while teaching you the important concepts and ideas of HR management that can help you think of creative, innovative solutions when you are consulting.

Planning Ahead

Typically, businesses turn to HR consultants to solve unique problems and critical scenarios. This means that you would be expected to step into one-of-a-kind HR situations, quickly learn the dynamics, and provide a viable path forward. This kind of problem-solving skills can involve a strong core understanding of HR management, coupled with the ability to think out of the box.

Planning ahead and having experience of handling adverse situations can help you mold yourself for HR consulting. It can also help to specialize on specific aspects of HR management so that you can provide added value as a consultant and provide targeted solutions for businesses trying to solve specific problem areas.

The Right Outlook

A career in HR consulting can be rewarding and provide the opportunity for personal growth and fulfillment. After you have your initial education in order, it can be a perspicacious idea to look for HR consulting focused certifications and work experience and to find a reputed HR staffing agency to work with for viable employment opportunities. This can help you turn human resources consulting jobs into success.


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Pros and Cons of Increasing the Minimum Wage

Why The Minimum Wage Should be Increased

Increasing the minimum wage has been a hot-button issue for years. While many argue that the minimum wage needs to be increased to fit the growing expenses caused by inflation, others argue that increasing the minimum wage will cause too many other things to increase in price.

The question is, “Who is right?” and “What Should Happen?” Although there may not be a straightforward answer, you can make your own decision once you are completely in the know.

Pro: Standard of Living Will Increase

The reality is that there has been a major increase in the cost of living while the minimum wage has remained at a constant. To say that the country is due for an increase in minimum wage is an understatement.

Increasing the minimum wage would lift hundreds of thousands of Americans above the poverty line and take them to a new level.

Con: Inflation Would be Inevitable

 If minimum wage goes up, some companies will have to up their prices in order to make up for their increased labor cost. As to how many companies this would affect is up for debate, but the reality remains that there are some companies that would have no choice but to increase their prices.

Pro: Financial Aid Would Be Reduced

As more people are able to lift themselves out of poverty, the need for financial aid would be lessened. That government money could then be allocate to other things to help build up communities and repair the country after the pandemic.

Con: Possible Job Losses

A major worry is that companies may not be able to afford to keep on all of their employees if minimum wage rises. As a result, they would cut their staff, and overwork the ones that remain as a result.

Job loss is never a good thing, but the reality is that this may not be the case for many companies. Amazon is an example of a company that is making money hand over fist, and really wouldn’t be crushed if they had to pay their employees a few bucks more per hour.

Pro: It Could Boost the Economy

With the additional money, a lot of people will probably just put it towards paying off bills. However, a lot of other people will now be able to buy things they have always wanted like new electronics, new furniture and  even new appliances. Basically, this means that a lot of this money from increasing the minimum wage will be put back into the economy.

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LinkedIn Has a New Job Tool to Combat COVID

LinkedIn COVID tool

LinkedIn’s New Job Search Tool is Pandemic Proof

The pandemic has obviously taken its toll on many professionals across the country. From record-setting unemployment records to people changing their career path altogether in order to find work.

Luckily, LinkedIn seems to realize just how hard it is for their network of more than 700 million people. In a recent blog post, LinkedIn announced that they are releasing a new tool that helps people find jobs a little outside of their comfort zones.

What Does the Tool Do?

Career Explorer is meant to help professionals find jobs that they are qualified to do, but might not be jobs directly in their industry.

For example, if you have experience working as a print designer and that’s where you are used to working, this tool might find you a job as a graphic designer. Basically, the tool takes all of your experience and skills to help find more jobs that you can do.

How Do I Use it?

The tool is currently in beta and is also only available in English as of now. It still works, but it is clearly limited for the time being.

Enter in where you live and what you do for a living, and the tool will tell you other jobs that you may be qualified to do. From there, you can start looking for those jobs on LinkedIn.

You can find the tool by clicking here.

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Things to Be Thankful For in 2020

Things to be thankful for in 2020.

Why You Should Remain Thankful Even During the Pandemic

With a massive pandemic, a stressful election, a socially divided country and even killer bees, it can be very hard to find things to be grateful for this year. With that being said, there have been many things to be grateful for in 2020.

This holiday season, hold onto some of these things during your darkest moments to help remind you of how much worse things could be.

Biden Won the Election

Despite the tens of millions of people who voted from Donald Trump and the president’s groundless attempts to prove that the election was fraudulent, the fact remains that Joe Biden won the election and he will be sworn in this January.

Despite where your political views may land, the truth is that the only way to get the U.S. back to globalizing is with a Biden presidency.  Biden’s plans for the future of the U.S. economy are far more productive than Trump’s. Also, Biden’s plans for rebuilding after the pandemic are also much more realistic than Trump’s.

You Are Healthy

With millions of cases and about a quarter of a million of U.S. citizens dead, it’s hard to believe that anyone in the country doesn’t know someone who has gotten the virus or even died.

However, if you are reading this, that probably means that you are healthy and well, which is more than can be said for millions of others.

It’s true that you may have lost someone due to the coronavirus, but you are doing okay and that is significant.

The Unity Created By the Pandemic

Many things drove people apart this year. From the social divide created after the murder of George Floyd to one of the most stressful elections in U.S. history, it’s hard to believe that people are united at all.

However, the pandemic has created a great deal of unity out of necessity. Families and friends have been communicating via Zoom to keep up to date with what’s happening in everyone’s lives. Furthermore, the amount of support for essential workers and frontline workers has been astounding. People have sent care packages and extra masks to healthcare workers to assist them during these trying times.

A Vaccine is On the Way

Not one, but two different pharmaceutical companies have created highly effective vaccines to combat COVID-19. To make matters better, they are expected to be available to the public by early 2021.

Although that may seem like an eternity away, rest assured that there is currently a light at the end of the tunnel.

Unemployment is Way Down

At the height of the pandemic, the unemployment rate rivaled that of the Great Depression. However, as of now no state has an unemployment rate greater than 6%. If you are back on the job hunt, rest assured that jobs are returning and that you can land one.

If you need some help, you can start by hiring a professional resume writer to make you a better resume. To schedule a free consultation with a professional resume writer, click here.

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