Plot Your Financial Future With These Free Tools

We have all had moments where we took a look at our finances and thought, “How did
things get this bad?” You would like to hire a financial advisor to look things over, but
that can cost more money than you can afford.

Luckily, there are tons of financial tools that you can use online for free that can help
you get your finances in order. If you are having some issues with your finances, check
out some of these tools to help you whip your checking and savings accounts into shape!

1. is one of the best online financial tools we have come across if not the
best. This includes tools that cost money. The site offers multiple online calculators that can help you.

Among the available calculator tools are one that helps you calculate your car loan, one that helps you calculate your mortgage, one that helps you figure out how long it will take you to pay off your credit card and one for general financial planning. If you only check out one of these online tools, make it this one.


Making the decision to go to college is a big one and not just because of the amount of
time you are sacrificing. College is expensive so you shouldn’t take the decision lightly.

Before you decide to go to college, you should first calculate how long it will take you to
pay off your student loans. has tools such as a great calculator that will help you figure out just how long it will take, and how much interest will accrue during that time.

Once you use’s tools, you will be able to responsibly make the call of whether or not college is right for you!

3. Nerdwallet 50-30-20 Calculator

Figuring out how to divide your paycheck into where you need to spend that money can
be a headache to say the least. Luckily, Nerdwallet has you covered with their financial tools, including their 50-30-20 calculator.

According to Nerdwallet, one of the most effective ways to divvy up your paycheck is to have 50% of it go to your needs, 30% go to your wants and 20% go into savings.

By using this calculator, you can start saving money while making sure that you still have your wants and needs covered. Simply knowing how your paycheck is going to be divided every pay period is such a relief that you won’t know how you went so long without knowing!

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