Need a Recruiter? Secrets for Getting the Best Jobs

Need a Recruiter? Secrets for Getting the Best Jobs

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Job seekers could always use an added advantage while looking for a job. Knowing about recruiters and how best to work with them can provide advantages that simple job applications cannot.

Recruiters know specific industries, often have wide networks of contacts, and even have the ability to place the right candidate in front of a hiring manager on short notice. Although this sounds too good to be true, smart job seekers have gained the inside track on lucrative positions through recruiters.

Different Types of Recruiters

In general, there are three different types of recruiters. The first is an employee of a firm whose job it is to seek out talent. These human resources specialists are generally more passive, with the responsibility of receiving, processing, and pre-qualifying applicants for open positions. The second, and most sought after type of recruiter, are contract recruiters. A contract recruiter has arrangements with clients to find specific employees. Often a contract recruiter works with higher level opportunities. This type of recruiter is often referred to as a headhunter. The last type of recruiter is a freelance recruiter who works at large and generates income by presenting potential candidates to firms in the hopes of getting paid.

We’re going to focus on the second type of recruiter: the contract recruiter.

What Recruiters Want

The general rule with a contract recruiter is if you seek them out yourself, there most likely is very little reciprocal interest. The first rule is not to submit your application to a contract recruiter. A contract recruiter has three criteria by which they determine if they want a candidate. First, is there currently a contract to fill? The best candidate in the world serves no purpose to a recruiter if they don’t have a specific opening for them. Second, is the job seeker actively seeking employment? Recruiters get paid to find hidden gems. They do not get paid to help the unemployed or candidates who are on the open market. In addition, a job seeker who stumbles upon an opportunity incidentally could endanger tens of thousands of dollars in potential recruiter commissions. The third criteria is exceptional fit in terms of experience and personality.

How to Attract the Interest of a Contract Recruiter

The best way to attract a recruiter is to be visible in your industry. Recruiters look for award winners, public speakers, writers of articles, participants in industry forums, and important thought leaders. LinkedIn not only is an excellent tool for creating visibility, but also is a common source used by recruiters to candidates. Your LinkedIn profile should be up to date, you should include recognition and specialized skills, and you should join relevant LinkedIn groups where you can contribute content in order to get noticed in your field and attract interest. A LinkedIn profile also gives a job seeker the opportunity to publish industry articles. Activity on your account will increase the chances of a recruiter noticing you.

General Rules for Working with a Recruiter

Keep in mind a recruiter does not work for you, that you may be one of many candidates and your cooperation may make the difference between being assisted or not. A high-end recruiter may make a living placing between four and twelve clients a year, so quite a bit rides on successfully completing a contract. Working with a recruiter is not like going on a shopping trip. If you have criteria which must be fulfilled, like no relocation, make that clear before a recruiter puts a lot of time and work into your search. Do not refuse an interview and be very careful about turning down a position. By the time you get to that point, if you have been open with your recruiter, there should be no doubts as to whether the job is the right fit. Very few recruiters take the loss of a month’s salary lightly and many will stop taking calls from those who walk out on a “good opportunity.”

Contract recruiters may not be relevant to all job seekers, but for the right candidates they can make all the difference. Getting noticed by a contract recruiter can give you access to bigger and better opportunities that you otherwise would not know about. Get on the radar of contract recruiters by staying active in your industry and publicizing your work on social media channels, such as LinkedIn.

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