When to Use Creativity at Your Job

When can I be creative at my job?

As a resume writer and journalist, I am always interested in how creativity fits into our jobs. Martin Yate, one of the foremost experts in the fields of resume writing, job search and career management, examines how our more artistic sides can benefit our work life in his much heralded book, “Knock ʻem Dead: The Ultimate Job Search Guide.”

Sometimes, the lack of a creative outlet makes us want to leave our jobs for “greener pastures.” However, Yate maintains that the best way to utilize the right side of our brain in professional settings is as a frame of reference, especially in regards to any challenging situations that occur within our chosen fields. Using our imaginative powers we can see the patterns that lie behind those occurrences and come up with solutions that are unavailable to people who are only looking at the problem straight on.

Tying into this, he also points out that those restrictions and conflicts can be significant aids to the creative process, itself. When time is short, finances are shaky and resources are nonexistent, that is when we can really challenge ourselves and come up with truly inspiring and inventive ways to reach a successful resolution.

How do I implement this into my job?

So the next time a major challenge presents itself, I encourage us all to embrace Yateʼs philosophy. Lets take a deep breath, constructively assess and come up with some really clever antidotes for the problems at hand at your job.

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