Top 6 Hottest Job Markets for 2020

Location, Location, Location! – Top U.S. Job Markets for 2020

We have seen some promising reports suggesting the American economic recovery is continuing. Two of the biggest stories so far this year include a strong December Jobs Report and news that the Dow Jones Industrial Average is poised to break 30,000 for the first time in its history.

The most recent jobs report suggests more and more discouraged workers are seeking to get back into the workforce accounting for an unemployment rate of 3.5%. Whether you are new to the workforce, looking to re-enter it after a period of unemployment or just looking for a new place to put down some roots, here’s a list of the top six hottest job markets in the U.S.

1.) Boulder, Colorado

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Consistently ranked as one of the most livable cities in the U.S., Boulder, CO has an unemployment rate of 2.3% with a population of just over 100k. Some of the largest employers include the University of Colorado, healthcare facilities, and numerous scientific institutions. Additionally, there is a burgeoning tourism and hospitality industry supporting many small, locally-owned businesses. Known for its well-educated and liberal population, Boulder is a popular choice for people looking to relocate.

2.) Honolulu, Hawaii

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If sunshine and warm weather are what you are seeking, say aloha to Honolulu, Hawaii. With an unemployment rate of just 2.8%, Honolulu maintains a strong job market bolstered by its tourism and hospitality segment, as well as a large financial services sector. Other large economic sectors include military defense, research and development. However, if you do choose to relocate, be aware that the cost of living is slightly higher than the mainland U.S.

3.) Boston, Massachusetts

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As the economic and cultural capital of the New England, Boston, MA has fared better than many other cities in the region. With unemployment standing at just 2.9%, Boston is an attractive option for people looking to relocate if they don’t mind cold, chilly winters. An incredible density of universities and colleges provides numerous employment opportunities for local residents. Additionally, Boston is an attractive place for those looking to break into the financial services industry.

4.) Provo, Utah

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If outdoor recreation is your passion, consider a move to Provo, UT. Located about an hour south of Salt Lake City, Provo has an unemployment rate sitting at about half the national average, just 2.3%. A major economic powerhouse in the city is Brigham Young University. Additionally, Provo has become an attractive place for software and technology companies.

5.) Fargo, North Dakota

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While it may not be the location of choice for everyone, Fargo, ND has a strong job market bolstered by heavy investments in oil and natural gas. With unemployment sitting at just 2.3%, there are many jobs in fields such as education, healthcare and heavy equipment distribution.

6.) Grand Rapids, Michigan

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Bucking the trend of the rest of the state of Michigan, the mid-sized city of Grand Rapids, MI has maintained a vibrant, dynamic economy. With an unemployment rate of just 3% and a well-known craft beer scene, Grand Rapids has increasingly become a place where millennials have been flocking to begin their careers. While traditionally a manufacturing center, Grand Rapids has successfully transitioned to a more sustainable economic model with heavy activity in healthcare, distribution services, industry, technology and hospitality.


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