Career Success Philosophy – How To Establish It

Establish a career success philosophy while you can. It is never too late as it can be used a guide for you in your journey through the work world.

You will be working for a long time to come and your personal philosophy can be used as guiding lines as you walk this path. Assuming you are 21 years old now and you choose to retire by the time you are 55 years old, that’s a good 34 years away.

It is never too late to write your own career success philosophy. Even if it is 5 years left before you retire. If you feel you want to find some joy at work, look deep into yourself and ask, what is it you can adopt as your career success philosophy?

Here are some suggestions for you to adopt and adapt or even springboard to create your own career success philosophy.

1. Choose to Be Happy

No matter how difficult life gets, choose to be happy. Considering you spend more than half your waking hours at work during your productive years, you should choose to be happy. Happiness is a thought away. It is not as elusive as we think.

2. Learn To Love What You Do

Whether it is a small task within your job or a career you stumbled upon. You do not always have good choices. Sometimes, you may be very good at doing something but it is not something you enjoy. But it pays the bills. What do you do? Choose to be angry? Choose to resent? Learn to love what you do. You maybe surprised at what you can achieve just by doing that as part of your career success philosophy. 3. Joyful Effort

Related to the above, in everything you decide to do, it is worth doing. If it is worth doing, put in the effort. More importantly, put in joyful effort. There is no reason to force yourself to like something you do not. Do something joyfully by having the wisdom to see things for what they are, and not some concepts you stubbornly attach in your mind.

4. Set Goals – Long, Short, Daily

Whether it is a simple to do list, short term goals or long term ones have them written down. Time has a way of speeding us by when you least notice it. Even when you do, it still speeds by. Work out a plan to achieve these goals and you will find your days, months and years more fulfilling.

5. Patience, Persistence, Humility

Have the patience to find out what you want in life and out of life. Answers do not always come in books or tweets. Patience in discovering your answer and persistence in pursuing your goals will draw you closer to discovering your sense of purpose. And on the way there, remember no matter how smart you think you are, remain humble.

Your smartness come from people less smart than yourself. Your friends, family, colleagues, bosses all contribute to you being smarter than them. Oh, and yes, smart is good but wisdom is better.

6. Create a Good Network of Positive Friends

Colleagues often become friends and if you are truly blessed, they may even become a surrogate family. Have a good network of positive friends around you. They will keep you centered and warn you of your decisions. They will even guide you along the right path. It is important as the stress of work and life can get to you. With good spirited friends in your career success philosophy, you know you have good support. Make an effort to keep those relationships going even if you do not work together anymore.

7. Respect and Trust

Eventually whoever you work for and whoever works for you needs to know they can trust and respect you. That has to work both ways. Trust needs to be gained and respect needs to be earned. Integrity in your decisions, compassion in your actions and a genuine care for others are some ways you can get both respect and trust.

What would your career success philosophy be? Spend some time to write them down. It can guide you to being happier at work.

Long Yun Siang or Long, as he is popularly known runs with his wife Dorena as their way of paying it forward. Their website – based on their real life experiences - provides tips, tools and advise for newbies pursuing career success.

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