Act Now: The Art of Getting Into Action and Getting Things Done

Act now, if you want to achieve anything. Ever heard your people complain nothing ever gets done around here? Wonder why nothing ever gets done? That is because most people do not have a do it now attitude. People like to wait. Or they like to think that they are doing something even though all they do is talk about doing.

1. Talking Is Not Doing

And therein lies the biggest challenge. Most people like to talk and talking gives them a sense that they are acting out their plans. They can call this brainstorming, discussing or even planning, but these activities are not to be confused with doing. If you want something to happen, act now. Do what is planned and stop talking.

2. Plans Must Be Followed By Action

Am I saying that you do not plan? No, I will be foolish to say that. Of course you must plan ahead. The challenge is to get people to act upon their plans when they have planned it. Act now. Do not go back to the drawing board and start deliberating again and again. I am a big fan of the philosophy, “a good plan executed today is better than an excellent plan executed tomorrow.”

3. Nothing Moves Until Someone Acts

You must remember nothing moves until someone acts now. Plans put into action is the key to success regardless of what you do. After you have planned your career, you must act according to the plans. After you have set the goals, you must execute the steps that move you towards those goals. It’s no use if you stick it on the wall, stare at it everyday but do nothing. Remember, act now.

4. The Art Is In Do

The art of getting things done and in fact getting more done is in starting to DO. Start small if you have to, aim for the lowest hanging fruit if you have to. The important thing is to get traction for your action. That way, small victories and achievements will spur you to do more. It is true with projects and it is true with your career too. Act now is an art you hone across time.

5. If You Don’t Who Will?

You want to surpass people at work? Be a competitive advantage to the team so the boss notices? Then be the do-er. Do not be afraid that people will think lesser of you. There is too much credit given to so called ‘thinkers’ who do nothing but talk, talk, and talk. Nothing ever gets done. They think they are thinkers. I call them time wasters.

If you can act upon those plans and get things going, people will see you as someone who is productive. The best part is, it does not discount you as a thinker! Who says do-ers can’t be thinkers as well?

6. The Hard Discipline Of Getting Into Action Getting into action and getting things done takes a lot of effort. So, it's easy for you to stand out and be competitive if you can get into action fast and follow up fast. That is what a lot of people do not have. As long as you have the hard discipline of acting now, you will gain advantage. People like to hide behind big phrases like “I am the big picture person”, “I am better at strategies” as if these big picture and strategies are of any use without someone putting them into place.

7. Once You Start You Can’t Stop

Once you gain traction for your action. Keep moving. Do not stop. You will get better at it. You will get more done and you will be more productive. That is one great advantage that is very difficult to compete with. As I mentioned, doing takes a lot of discipline. Discipline many people do not possess.

Long Yun Siang or Long, as he is popularly known runs with his wife Dorena as their way of paying it forward. Their website – based on their real life experiences - provides tips, tools and advise for newbies pursuing career success.