3D Animation Careers: What job can you get with 3D Animation Experience?

Want to know what 3D Animation experience can get you in the job market?

3D technology is taking the consumer market by storm. The consumer market is ecstatic about 3D TVs, 3D printers, 3D consoles, 3D Gaming, 3D laptops, and anything that communicates 3D. What about the job market?

Who are professionals behind 3D technology? Art schools, film schools, animation schools, and technical schools teach students to develop 3D technology. 3D animation is the most exciting career, especially with the explosion of 3D technology. Nonetheless, animation jobs will pay a competitive salary in the right industry.

What job or industries cater to 3D animation or animation skills? The most popular employment for animation is the movie industry. 3D animation will continue to evolve as more 3D movies are optioned. Most movie studios are searching for 3D animation designers who can deliver their skills. You can expect to develop storyboards, write animation scripts, and create animation characters.

3D Animation skills are also in demand on television. The History Channel and Bio channels recreate scenes and events using 3D models and graphics. It's common to find 3D models associated with comets, asteroids, space, and end of the world events. 3D animation skills can find one a job on television as an 3D animator.

Another industry with animation demand are large companies who run top websites. These companies tend to create compelling websites with high-end animation. The medical industry will probably need animation experience to design 3D models. Since project planning requires 3D presentations, an animator can demonstrate a building plan through 3D animation.

The video game industry is looking for animation experience. 3D gaming will become a multi-billion dollar industry much greater than the movie industry. 3D video games appeal to all ages. With the Nintendo 3DS console enjoying millions and possibly billions in sales, the video game industry is the perfect fit for any animator.

The best method to make use of animation experience is to apply for movie, television and video game jobs. Such companies demand new animator to invest new characters and to explore ideas. The average salary you can expect to earn as a 3D animator is $56,000+ per year. Even so, you can make much more when you gain valuable experience. 3D animation jobs can make 3D animators a good chunk of change. In essence, 3D animation careers are lucrative careers that provide many career rewards.

Check the statement below in what one can expect to gain from animation experience. Good luck on your future animation career.

Multi-media artist or animator Average earnings in 2008: $29.99/hour, $56,330/year "Multi-media artists and animators are the bread and butter employees for film, cartoon, television and Web animation studios. Duties can vary by training, specialization or the specific needs of the employer. Following graduation of a two-year degree or career training program, animators and artists may be hired to create original sketches, map out entire story boards to match the script, or produce special effects. Job growth will be fueled by an increase in demand for professionals who can produce 2D and 3D animation effects for films, Web sites and video games. New jobs will also open in education, science and research design. Consider courses in software animation programs and illustration. The Labor Department foresees a 26 percent increase in jobs for multi-media artists and animators between 2006 and 2016" (MSN Encarta, 2009).