Most Lucrative Engineering Careers

Currently enrolled in an engineering degree program? Already earn an engineering degree? Want to know what are the most lucrative engineering careers?

Did you recently earn a specialized engineering degree? Plan to attending an engineering degree program? Do you know that engineering jobs are the most lucrative careers in America. Engineering careers are considered the best job careers that are exciting. Moreover, engineering careers pay newly hired engineers the highest salaries among most careers. Several of the top engineering jobs rank high on the best careers list.

Most of the job inquiries involve engineering jobs. College graduates who possess an engineering degree can expect to earn high salary straight out of college. Even with the recession creating hiring freezes across many career fields, engineering jobs remain highly sought after job careers.

Thus, job seekers with engineering degrees usually land career jobs that offer lucrative rewards. As an engineer degree holder, you are probably asking yourself what are the best engineering careers available in the job market? You need not to worry since engineering jobs are the most lucrative careers in America. Choosing to major in engineering is big step in the right direction. Therefore, you can expect to hold a long-term career in a respected job field.

The following engineering careers are the most lucrative jobs:

1. Environmental Engineering

2. Chemical Engineering

3. Electrical Engineering

4. Computer Engineering

5. Civil Engineering (Ruehl, 2009).

The engineering careers above pay an average of at least $60,000+ per year with only a bachelor's degree in engineering. With energy policies waiting on the political backburner, expect the demand for experienced engineers to increase tenfold. Engineers rarely go hungry, especially since computer technology seem to never lose steam. Choosing an engineering career path can create many great job opportunities.

Honorable Mentions:

* Engineering Engineering

* Biomedical Engineering

* Aerospace Engineering

Good engineering degrees are in high demand to fill engineering jobs. The top engineering jobs represent careers with lucrative rewards. As a result of great pay and interesting projects, engineer careers are thus considered dream careers. Choose an engineering degree that compliments your career objectives. Good luck!


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