Top 5 Most Lucrative Jobs with a Communications Degree

Communications degrees are valuable in the job world. Earn a communications degree? Looking for a lucrative career with your communication degree?

A communications degree is valuable in the job market. Majoring in communications can lead degree seekers to the most lucrative careers. Plan to earn a communications degree? Already earn a communications degree? Ready to take the next step to establish a lucrative career? A communications degree is a diverse college degree with great potential.

Did you recently earn a communications degree? Have no idea what job your communications degree can obtain? According to Badenhausen (2008), communications ranked in the top 20 of the most lucrative college majors in America in 2008. Most communications degree graduates are capable of landing excellent careers.

Obtaining a career enables a job seeker to focus on long-term results rather than switch jobs every so often. Your essential goal is to land a dream job with high earning potential as well as a job you enjoy most. Choosing to major in communications is an intelligent career decision to pad your future.

The top 5 most lucrative jobs with a communications degree are:

1. Public Relations Specialist

2. Corporate Communications Officer

3. Customer Service Executives

4. Journalist Writer

5. Language Jobs

The most lucrative jobs to obtain with a communications degree are excellent job careers. Furthermore, the communications jobs above enable job seekers to gain valuable experience. Hence, communications degree candidates can apply for higher job positions with larger corporations. The top online corporations earn billions of dollars annually, so public relations jobs are vital to promote programs as well as to deal with conflict.

If you previously earned a communications degree, the top 5 most lucrative careers are readily available. College students who major in communications realize the value in choosing the right degree to enhance their future career. However, finding the top communications jobs is nonetheless a challenging feat in the job market, so it helps to narrow your job search down to make the best career decision.

Honorable mentions:

* Assistant director

* Social Media Marketing

* Marketing Communications Specialist

* Media Analyst

* Media Relations

Communications degrees are valuable in marketing, public relations, and media jobs. Start your job hunt on media job websites (i.e., public relations companies, and with to locate the most lucrative careers. Give yourself a pad on the back because you deserve a great deal of credit for choosing one of the top college majors in America. Good luck!


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