What It Takes To Be Number One – Simple Truths To Get You There

Convert these simple truths into action if you want to know what it takes to be number one. If you think there is any special route one can take in order to be number one, think again. Not unless you consider these steps as the special route.

What it takes to be number one is an easy question to ask. But implementing it takes great pain and sacrifice. It is something many do not have the stamina to continue to do. The idea of being number one in the chosen corporate arena is very romantic to many but the price is something many have not considered when asking what it takes to be number one.

1. Ambition

Let’s start with the simplest step. Ambition. Have an ambition of where you want to be and what you want to do. Many people think they know what they want. Very often they say they want to be number one. Well, what does it mean to be number one for you? Is it to become the best in your industry? Is it to become the best in your company? Or is it in your department? Does number one naturally equate to be on top?

Think about it. What does it take to be number one can mean excelling, it can mean being the best and it can mean being on top. Have you considered that you can be the best and yet not be on top? Or you can be on top and yet not be the best? Being number one can mean overcoming your own weaknesses. Regardless, you need to have a clear ambition. When you are clear, focus on it and believe in it.

Believe in yourself and you will succeed in the pursuit of this ambition. Ask yourself what are you willing to do in order to reach this ambition? What it takes to be number one is a lot of sacrifice, struggle and painful self-assessment. Can you do all these and remind yourself of the price you promised you would pay to arrive at it even when the going gets tough?

2. Act Upon Your Ambition

Many people fail to be number one because they fail to DO. People forget that the work part is what will get them to be number one. To be number one in any field takes a lot of hard work. It isn’t fun at all. It takes effort, consistent hard work and it is a constant struggle. The only thing that keeps you going is the dogged focus on being number one. Having a belief without action is just plain fantasy. Nothing will ever come true.

Create a plan that you can work on based on intensity of hard work, integrity of character and initiatives of ideas to propel growth. Propel the growth not only for yourself but also for the company.

What it takes to be number one is also a winning attitude. A winning attitude will always win over the plotting and scheming in the corporate world. To be number one in the corporate world is to act upon your ambition with pride, passion and belief.

Always match this wining attitude to the plan you have created and you have half the formula on what it takes to be number one.

3. Accept Setbacks As Part of Work Life

Accept that there will be setbacks on your way to be number one. No one will tell you what it takes to be number one without warning you about the number of setbacks you will have to take in your stride.

Setbacks are part of life and definitely part of work life. When it happens, do not beat yourself over it. Mistakes happen, sometimes it is your fault, and sometimes we suffer for other people’s mistakes. That’s just part of life. But that’s no reason to be disillusioned and give up on your ambition. You may get a bad evaluation and that is just part and parcel of the working world.

When that happens, reflect upon it. What caused it, what can be done to avoid it in the future? Take personal responsibility for it if you caused the mistake. Put in place a system so you can improve and learn from that lesson. Do not give up and keep going. Just when you feel like giving up, that’s when you tell yourself you must continue.

What it takes to be number one also includes painful self-assessments. There will be things we are weak at and have to work on. Accept that fact and be willing to struggle to improve those weaknesses.

What it takes to be number one is more than a plan. It is hard work and not giving up and accepting setbacks. It is also knowing that there are no failures and the only time one fails is when one stops doing. Do not ever be tempted to plot and scheme your way through the corporate world. Time is better spent in being your best.

by Long Yun Siang © copyright 2006-2012

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