Discovering The Right Attitude For Career Success – 7 Straightforward Strategies For The New Executive

Your attitude for career success determines how far you go at work. Hence, discovering and learning the right attitude for career success is vital early-on. Here are 7 straightforward positive attitudes for the new executive at work.

1. Do What Others Won’t Do

The first attitude for career success for the new executive is to volunteer for assignments. Especially work that others won’t do.

You are new at work and should demonstrate your willingness to learn and chip in. Do not feel that you are being exploited or feel stupid when you do work that others won’t do.

What you are really showing is that you are the company’s competitive advantage. When you do work that others won’t do, you have an attitude for career success.

2. Do More Than Talk

Another attitude for career success you can adopt easily is to DO. Act upon things. Make sure that plans aren’t just plans on paper.

Every step should have an action plan and the person to do it. When you are that person, make sure you deliver what is supposed to be delivered. This world is full of people who procrastinate and talk all the time. When you are someone who acts upon things and delivers, you have an attitude for career success.

3. Learn To Multitask

Do not become a one-project person. Learn to handle more than one project at one time. In the current competitive landscape, companies are forced to deliver more with less. Learn to multitask. When you do that, you not only become an asset to the company but you will also end up learning more. That contributes tremendously to your career. To learn to multitask, learn to manage your time efficiently. Be effective when you tackle your task.

4. Do Not Take No For An Answer

But do not be rude. As a new executive at work, there is a tendency for people not to take you seriously. They will try to get away with things with you. Do not take no for an answer. Learn that timing is an important element in any of your requests or questions. Something that is not granted now can be granted later. Know when to push and when to pull back. When you do not give up easily, you have an attitude for career success. This doesn’t just work when you are a newbie. It even applies to the veterans in the workforce.

5. Be Truthful

To have an attitude for career success also means to be truthful. Take personal responsibility for your work. Do not push blame and do not look for excuses for tasks that are not completed to satisfaction. Own up to your mistakes. At the same time, do not hog the limelight when something is right. Learn to share credit and give praise to those who have helped you.

6. Avoid Office Politics

If you have nothing good to say, shut up! Do not go around sharing gossips, starting gossips and fanning ill will. Nothing kills your career faster than being a rumormonger early on in your career. Avoid office politics at all costs.

7. Value People

When you value people, you have an attitude for career success. Valuing people doesn’t just mean your peer or your colleagues. It means everyone you work with in your company. They can be your bosses on top, your peers and those of other departments. Believe in people and how they can help you. More importantly, believe how you can help them by giving them hope, confidence and convenience in the things that they do.

To have an attitude for career success is easy, while you may not be able to practice in perfection all these tips, you can at least start with a few. Consistently do them, and you will meet with career success sooner than you know.

by Long Yun Siang © copyright 2006-2012

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