Why Some People Don’t Retire

Why some people don't retire.

Why Retirement Isn’t for Everyone

There’s a chance that there is someone in your life that is well beyond the age of retirement, but they continue to work. You tell yourself things like, “they don’t need the money, so why are they still working?” You might also wonder why they don’t spend the rest of their life enjoying their friends and family rather than at an office.

The reality is that for one reason or another, retiring simply is not for everybody. Some people don’t ever leave the workforce as their idea of a happy life is one where they don’t stop working.

Retirement Can be Deadly

According to an article from MarketWatch, people that retire at or before 62 are at greater risk of mortality.

Many people believe that it is because when you retire, you lose purpose. For many people, the reason why they get up in the morning is their job. Jobs give them the reason for staying active and even staying healthy.

Many retirees stop caring about their personal appearance and even their health once they retire. As a result, they become less healthy and lose purpose.

My wife’s grandfather did not retire from his law practice until he was 90. He simply believed that there was still work that needed to be done, so he refused to retire. He passed away four years after retiring, with zero regrets about waiting to retire. Many of the people in my wife’s family have this same mindset as they don’t often talk about what they want to do after retirement.

There’s Always More Work To Be Done

When you get involved in your job, it can become one of the chief focuses of your life. As a result, this can lead to your job becoming your sole-focus.

If there is still more work left to do at your job, it can be hard to find a moment to retire. It may feel like you are abandoning your old coworkers and the business you just spent your life making into something great.

If you are retiring from a business that you started, it can be exceptionally hard to retire as your business feels like an extension of yourself. Retiring may feel more like a nail in your coffin rather than enjoying your golden years.

You Don’t Have to Retire

There is no rule that says that you have to retire. Furthermore, you aren’t hurting your family or those around you by not retiring.

If your job is where you find fulfillment, you have every right to work for as long as you can. Just make sure that you make time for your friends and family members if you continue to work so that all aspects of your life can be fulfilled.

By not retiring, you can do more to secure your family’s financial future as well as being able to continue to support your industry.

What You Can Still Do After Retiring

If the downfalls of retiring scare you, you might want to consider doing some things to keep you involved once you retire.

Many retirees move onto volunteer work once they retire. Volunteer work keeps people active without all of the stresses of full-time work. If you can’t find any volunteer opportunities, you can also do part-time work.

You can also consider speaking at local colleges about what you did for a living, and give people who want to enter your industry some advice for their careers. Whatever you do, make sure that when you retire you find a way to keep yourself active!

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