Remote Jobs That Pay $60K+

remote jobs that pay well.

High-Paying Jobs That Bring Home the Bacon From Your Couch

If you are working remotely due to the pandemic or because it is your personal preference, you’re probably worried about finding a job that pays what you need.

Fortunately, CNBC recently published an article giving five common remote jobs that pay more than $60,000

$60K Salary Remote Jobs

Technical Writer: $68,640 salary

  • Financial Analyst: $67,900 salary
  • Proposal Writer: $67,047 salary
  • Web Designer: $60,202 salary
  • Translator: $60,118 salary

Transitioning to Working From Home

Chances are that you are new to working from home. If you have never done it before, you might have been struggling with communication, staying focused, time management and organization among other issues.

Being productive while working from home can be difficult, but not impossible. Finding a remote position is what can be difficult.

If you want to start working from home, you need to start looking for a remote job. That journey starts with a great resume. If you really want to stand out above the competition, you should look into hiring a professional resume writer. Along with crafting you a professional resume, they will also give you tips on interviewing, and maintaining professionalism. Click here to schedule a free consultation. Remember, all services can be done virtually, so you do not have to come in and risk your safety during the COVID-19 pandemic!


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