‘Tis the Season of Giving . . . and Getting . . . a Job

Don’t take a holiday – It’s not too early to start your job search in December

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One of the most inaccurate pieces of advice for job seekers I hear again and again is that December is the worst time of the year to look for a job.  Instead, as the common knowledge goes, the best time to apply for a new job is in January when companies have settled their hiring budgets for the new year and are looking to take on new employees.

The problem with this logic is, however, that just because businesses may set new budgets at the beginning of the new year, does not mean the beginning of the new year is the ideal time for candidates to start applying. Depending on the industry and location, an effective job search can take 90 days or more. You do not want to start looking in January only to end up finally landing a new job in March. This is especially true if you are currently unemployed. For every week you are without a job, you are missing out on all of the potential income you could be making. There is seldom a good excuse put off the job search until later. Start early and start strong if you want to take advantage of any potential opportunities.

No matter the time of the year, companies are always looking for new workers. Employees quit, retire, or get fired, and positions need to be filled fast no matter what time of year it is. According to the October jobs report, more than 161,000 new jobs were added to the American economy, with the strongest increases seen in health care, professional and business services, and financial activities. Additionally, the number of discouraged workers, those who have stopped looking for work because they believe there are no jobs available to them, declined by 178,000 from the same period last year.  More and more discouraged workers are coming out of the woodwork and rejoining the labor force.

Consider this good news for all job seekers, whether you have been out of work for years, or are a successful business person looking for a career change. While not yet released, the November jobs report is expected to show even greater job growth of approximately 170,000 new positions.

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Regardless of what time of year it is, there are always available positions that businesses and organizations are looking to fill. The longer you wait to begin the job search process, the more you will miss out on these opportunities. With the common wisdom being that December is a poor time to look for a job, you can also be guaranteed that there will be less competition.  Just because business may slow down in some industries toward the end of the year, does not mean they are going to stop looking for new hires. Companies are looking for candidates who can start at the beginning of the new year when business ramps up, not one or two months later.

Don’t underestimate the holidays as an ideal time to network. With business slowing down in some industries, important contacts may have more time on their hands and be willing to meet with you. Attend holiday parties of any professional associations you may belong to, you never know who you may end up meeting. Reach out to friends and family during holiday gatherings.

With the new year approaching, we wish you the best of luck on your job search. It is never too early to start looking for a new job, whether it is because you do not have one, are tired of your current one, or just want a change of pace in your life. Remember, a key to getting that initial interview is having a great resume that highlights your skills, accomplishments, and potential. RazorEdge Resumes offers free resume consultations and an array of services geared towards the motivated job seeker .

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Just How Bad Was the September Jobs Report?

Just How Bad Was the September Jobs Report?

unemployment rate chart


Last night’s debate, Donald Trump, and the September jobs report

In last night’s third presidential debate, Republican candidate, Donald Trump called September’s job report “anemic,” “terrible,” and said that he will “win easily . . . it was so bad.” Beyond the wedge issues of the culture wars, such as gun control and abortion, the one thing all presidential candidates can agree on is improving the economy. What they don’t agree on, however, is how to achieve that economic improvement.

There seems to be little confidence in either candidate’s plans for continuing the economic recovery. During last night’s presidential debate, moderator Chris Wallace suggested that Hillary Clinton’s plan for job growth was too similar to Obama’s stimulus plan, which led to the lowest GDP growth since 1949. As for Trump’s plan to create 25 million jobs, Wallace commented that even conservative economists don’t think the numbers add up and that it is unrealistic.

With growing skepticism about either candidate’s ability to provide a meaningful plan for job growth and economic improvement, let’s take a look at the September 2016 Jobs Report released earlier this month by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Compared to last month’s job report, very little has changed. The unemployment rate measured this September hovered around 5.0%, which is about the same as it was the same month last year, but down 1 point from 6.0% during September 2014. In general, the unemployment rate hovered around 5% since August 2015.

This is relatively good news for those seeking a job or looking to change their career. In total, 156,000 new jobs were created, which is slightly less than what economic predictions forecasted. The industry with the largest job growth was professional and business services, where employment rose by 67,000. Following this, health care had the next highest job growth, increasing payroll by 33,000 jobs. Employment in most other major industries remained stagnant since August.

Another bit of good news is the increase in average hourly earnings for employees on private, non-farm payrolls. While the average hourly wage rose by only 6 cents since the previous month, over the year average hourly earnings have increased by 2.6%. While this may seem low, it is keeping up with sluggish inflation. As the labor market has become more competitive, more people have been re-entering the labor force. Labor-force participation had a small uptick since the previous month, increasing by 0.1%, but over the year has increased by 0.5%. This increase in participation helps explain why the unemployment rate has remained relatively steady over the year. Increases in job growth are drawing discouraged would-be workers back into the labor market.

Well the September jobs report was not exactly stellar, modest gains were generally made across the board. Wages are increasing, jobs are being added, and more people are being drawn into the work force. So why exactly was it so “terrible” according to Donald Trump?

Trump workers on strike












In the Trump campaign’s press release on the September jobs report, Senior Economic Advisor, David Malpass draws attention to the millions of Americans being left out of the Obama economic recovery. In particular, Malpass focuses on the labor-force participation rate of 62.9%, which is near a historic low. While it is true that over 94 million Americans are out of the job market, economists at the Wall Street Journal suggest that this low rate is due mostly to an aging population and that it is not expected to rise significantly at all, but rather continue to decrease as the baby-boomer generation retires in increasingly large numbers.

Another criticism of the September jobs report by the Trump campaign is that the economy is adding too many low-wage service sector jobs and not enough jobs that allow for one to support a family. While certainly the increase in low-paying service sector jobs, such as in hospitality and retail, has been a long-time trend, it is unclear whether or not the economy will see any kind of increase in manufacturing jobs anytime soon. Additionally, with the decline in union participation and the rolling out of two-tier payroll programs, many new jobs added in manufacturing do not pay as well as they once did. Whether this trend will reverse itself remains unclear, and Trump has little to say about how he plans on going about it.

So what are the takeaways of the most recent jobs report? While it is not exactly the most encouraging news, neither is it very discouraging. New jobs continue to be added, tightening the labor market and drawing discouraged job seekers out of the woodwork. Education still remains one of the top indicators of employment. People with a bachelor’s degree or higher have an unemployment rate of 2.5%, a number unchanged since the same time last year. Compare that to people with less than a high school diploma, for whom the unemployment rate stands at 8.5%, which is a startling increase of almost one whole percentage point compared to the same time last year.

While in a perfect world for job seekers, the unemployment rate would be hovering just above 0%, it is safe to say that we have made significant progress since the economic recession of 2008 – 2010, when unemployment peaked at 10%. For Trump to call the latest jobs report “terrible” and “anemic” is to overstate the facts, but he is trying to appeal to one of his core constituencies, those who feel left out of the economic recovery and unable to adapt to the changing demands and circumstances of the labor market, such as the decline in manufacturing jobs. If Trump can rally this segment of the population, one that does not traditionally have high rates of voter turnout, perhaps he still has a chance of victory this November, but I hesitate to share his confidence that he will “win easily.”

For a previous piece I wrote on Trump and the economy, you can visit Trump and Clinton? Blessing or Curse?




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How to Quit Your Job and Find Something Better

How to Quit Your Job and Find Something Better

Do I have to write a resignation letter? How much notice do I need to give? Can I still use my supervisors as professional references?

quit your job
There comes a time for many of us when we decide to leave a job. Whether it is because we have another opportunity already lined up, or because we just really hate our boss, there are similar steps to go through to make your resignation process as painless and amiable as possible.

Think it Through

Leaving a job is an important life decision that requires a great deal of thought. Put time and effort into planning and thinking it through before you actually make the final decision. If you put the decision off for too long, you may one day find yourself at your wit’s end and quit on the spot. Give yourself ample time to make the right choice. Ask a significant other or a close friend for advice. If your job is truly unsatisfying, they will probably have picked on that already. An unsatisfying job can be a significant source of stress and discomfort and sometimes making the decision to quit can be the best thing for you.

Begin Looking for a New Job

Take some time to explore the employment market and seek out other opportunities that interest you. The last thing you want to do is quit your job and find yourself unemployed without a reliable source of income. Start contacting potential employers and sending out resumes. Remember, the best time to start looking for a new job is when you already have one. If you do go to interviews, you’ll likely be asked why you want to leave your current position. Remember to be tactful and avoid talking poorly about your current employer. Let the interviewer know that you plan on giving ample notice to your current employer; they will respect the fact that you are resigning responsibly. For more resources on job searching and interview advice, visit Job Search Success Central.

Write a Resignation Letter

If you have made up your mind about leaving your job, begin preparing to give notice to your current employer. Write a resignation letter that clearly states your intention to leave the organization. In your letter, give proper notice for when you will be leaving. The common rule of thumb is to give a minimum of two weeks’ notice. Typically, the higher up in the organization you are, the longer it will take to find a replacement, so you may want to consider giving more notice so your employer can begin hiring someone new to take over that you can pass your expertise onto. Also, carefully consider the timing of your resignation. If you leave in the middle of an important project where your expertise is crucial, this well not reflect well on you. Remember, it’s a small world and colleagues will talk about you with others. If possible, choose a time frame for departure that would be most convenient for your employer.

In your resignation letter, you do not need to give your reasons for leaving if you do not want to. Avoid saying anything negative or giving any harsh criticisms. Let your supervisor know that you are willing to help out in the transition and want to make the process as smooth as possible for all involved parties. Even if you really hate your boss, try to leave with some kind parting words. Remember a few positive moments from your time working and thank your employer for the experience you have gained in the position. Even if there is animosity between you and your boss, keeping your departure as amiable as possible will work out the best in the long run.

Let your Supervisor Know in Person

If possible, schedule an in-person meeting with your boss to deliver your resignation letter. While bad news can be difficult to break for some people, having the courtesy to deliver it in person will show that you are a mature and professional individual. It will make a better impression and demonstrate that you are responsible enough to show professional courtesy when making a difficult decision.

Network with Colleagues

After you have delivered your letter of resignation, finish your last few weeks with a strong performance. While you may be tempted to slack off considering that you are leaving soon, remember that your colleagues are still watching and these people may prove to be important references down the road. If there are any other influential people in your company that you want to stay on good terms with, kindly write them a short note expressing your gratitude. Especially in smaller, niche industries, the professional network can be very limited and people will ask around about you when you apply to other organizations. Leaving on a positive note with your colleagues will go a long way in building your reputation when you begin applying for other organizations.

Quitting a job often leaves people with a big sigh of relief. Planning ahead and making your resignation as smooth as possible is key to preventing that sigh of relief from turning into panic and despair when you can’t find another job. If you don’t have another job lined up already, turn job searching into your full-time job. Don’t forget to update your resume with your most recent work experience. Consider working with a professional resume writer to find the best way to market yourself to potential employers. If you want to know if your resume needs help, email it to resumes@razoredgeresumes.com for a free review or schedule a consultation to meet with an experienced resume writer today. Research companies that you think you would fit in well. Find a position that you would enjoy doing for a living. Turn quitting your job into an opportunity to develop your career and find something you love doing.


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How to Succeed in the Skype Interview

How to Succeed in the Skype Interview

Skype interview






As the job search process becomes increasingly internet-based, more and more companies are conducting job interviews over Skype. Skype is an easy-to-use, simple voice and video messaging software that can be downloaded for free. It allows for a face-to-face meeting without the inconvenience of having to travel to meet in person. Skype interviews are particularly common when you apply to positions that are far away. It allows the prospective employer to get a good sense of the job candidate before they go through the expense of flying them out for an in-person meeting.

If you have not used Skype before, it is important that you get familiar with the software before you begin conducting the interview. You will need a webcam and microphone in order to take advantage of Skype’s capabilities. Many newer computers already include these features, but you will want to test them out beforehand to ensure that the quality is up to par. Practice making a few calls beforehand to friends or family to see how well the sound and video quality are. Ask if they can clearly understand everything you say. The last things you want to happen come interview time are technical problems that delay the start of the interview. It’s no different than showing up to an interview late and will reflect poorly on you.

Conduct a Skype interview in the same manner you would an in-person interview. Remember to dress professionally and be well groomed. Even if they will only be seeing your face, get in the proper mindset by wearing your interview attire. Just because you can do the interview lying in bed in your pajamas doesn’t mean you should. Additionally, choose a professional username and profile picture when you set up your Skype account. Just like you wouldn’t want to include gamerguy2008@yahoo.com as your email address on your resume, you wouldn’t want to use it as your Skype ID either. If possible, use your professionally sounding email address as your Skype ID.

Choose an appropriate spot in your house to conduct the interview. It should be clean and uncluttered. The fewer things in the background, the better, so try to choose a blank wall. If necessary, buy some large, neutral-colored paper to put behind you if you can’t find a suitable, uncluttered place in your home to use as a background. Choose a comfortable chair you can sit upright in, i.e., preferably not a recliner.

Find a quiet place where you can be alone during the interview. Just because you are conducting the interview from your home, doesn’t mean you should simultaneously be taking care of your kids or waiting for the laundry to finish. The last thing you want during your interview is any background noise. It will distract you and make it difficult for the interviewer to listen to what you have to say. Unnecessary background noise can look about as bad as having your cell phone ring tone go off in the middle of an in-person interview. If you have kids, have somebody else temporarily take care of them while you are conducting your interview. Consider putting an “Interview in Progress – Do Not Enter” sign on the door to minimize the risk any accidental intruders who may disrupt your interview. Don’t forget to turn off any notifications that may pop up on your computer and make a noise or distract you, such as your email client or a social media application.

When you are setting up your computer for the interview, try to position the camera at a level that is just above your eyes, as this is a much more flattering angle. This may require you to elevate your computer a little bit, for example in the case of a laptop. Prop some books underneath to give it a little more height. Test out the video quality. Sit upright in your chair; don’t hunch over your computer like many people do. You will want your head and shoulders to be fully visible in the video feed while sitting upright. Test this out ahead of time with a friend and ask how you look. Also, ask about the sound and video quality. Make sure there is no audio feedback or echo. If the quality is poor at all, you may need to purchase a new microphone or webcam before your interview. You may also consider using a headset to get the best sound quality and block out any background noise. Make sure to get any technical kinks out ahead of time so you are not struggling with them when it comes time to conduct the interview.

During the interview, practice the same interview techniques you would at an in-person meeting. Try to maintain eye contact by looking at the camera instead of the screen. This may seem awkward at first, but you will appear more presentable and personable to the interviewer. Besides the difference in format, conduct the interview the same as you would any other. Remember, the interviewer is already investing their time in setting up the Skype interview and hearing what you have to say, so make every word count.

To test your interview skills, take interactive interview quiz. For more advice on conducting your Skype interview, download our free Job Interview Guide E-Book.

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Trump or Clinton? Blessing or Curse?

Trump or Clinton? Blessing or Curse?

donald trump

What was considered nearly impossible by political forecasters and pollsters a year ago is increasingly becoming more probable – the prospect of a Donald Trump presidency. With the candidates polling roughly even with a little more than a month left to go until Election Day, the outcome remains uncertain, terrifying some, exciting others, and perplexing the rest of us. Regardless of who ends up elected on November 6th, a smart business person would be wise to consider the broader picture and prepare themselves for the election no matter the outcome.

Judging by some of the media coverage, it may seem like it is time to start stocking up your Cold War-era bomb shelter to prepare for the possibility of a Trump presidency. In its endorsement of Hillary Clinton, the New York Times Editorial Board recently named Donald Trump the “worst nominee put forward by a major party in modern American history.” The Economist Intelligence Unit, a research firm, named a Donald Trump election victory one of the top ten economic risks facing the globe today, ranking it alongside a breakup of the Euro Zone and the rise of jihadi terrorism. Former U.S. Trade Secretary, Larry Summers, predicts Trump’s policies would cause a recession with global implications in less than 18 months. Nevertheless, despite all of this prophesizing, Trump himself, toting his career as a successful entrepreneur and businessman, promises job creation and economic growth on a level not seen since the Reagan era.

Central to Donald Trump’s campaign is his promise to “Make America Great Again.” Hillary Clinton counters this with the claim that America is already great, citing the tremendous economic gains made since the 2008 – 2010 Great Recession under the Obama presidency. To get out from under all of the hand-waving and finger-pointing, a sober look at the statistics does suggest the U.S. economy has made a significant recovery in the past six years. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate has been cut in half since the recession from a high of 10.1% to just 4.9%, and continues to trend downward.

While the central premise of any presidential candidate, whether Democrat or Republican, is the promise of job growth and economic development, it remains unclear to what extent presidential leadership actually has on the economy. Stephen Dubner, of Freakanomics fame, suggests that the president actually has very little influence on the direction of the economy. Dubner points to the 2004 Bush – Kerry presidential election and the stock market’s reaction to the premature announcement of a Kerry victory. The market changed very little, he points out, suggesting that those decision makers who actually pay attention to the working economy could care less who was elected for president. In 2014, Derek Thompson, writing for the Atlantic, penned an article with the controversial headline, “The President of the United States Does Not Control the Economy”. In it, Thompson points out that while GDP growth tends to be higher under Democratic administrations than Republican ones, this is often a matter of sheer luck rather than policy choice. So, while one might expect the economy to grow slower under a Republican administration, one should not necessarily hold that administration responsible. The economy will continue on its own trajectory regardless of who is in the White House.

So where does that leave us now? Statistically, presidential election years tend to have higher economic growth than on average. Additionally, recovery from the Great Recession of 2008 – 2010 continues to improve. This is good news for job seekers and employers in all industries. At one point in the recession, there were nearly seven job seekers for every one employment opening. Since then, that number has drastically lowered to 1.34 job seekers for every one employment opening.

In response to this competitive employment market, NPR reports that companies have taken more aggressive approaches to hiring, improving benefits packages and raising wages. Job growth is particularly heavy in the service, retail, and hospitality industries. While traditionally low wage occupations, recent minimum wage increases across the country are raising incomes and putting more money into the pockets of American workers, and therefore more money back into the economy. In New York and California alone, more than 9 million workers will be affected by new laws mandating a $15 minimum wage. Despite the resistance to raising the minimum wage, these new policies are not expected to significantly reduce hiring rates.

Despite prognosticating from both sides of the aisle, the general trend of economic improvement is not expected to significantly change, despite who will be sitting in the Oval Office come next year. This is good news for both employers and job seekers. The time is ripe for workers to put themselves on the job market to look for new and better opportunities. Employers are also aggressively recruiting top talent in an ever-increasingly more competitive labor market. But while the economy is generally improving, it is significantly changing as well. Job seekers in declining sectors need to focus on their transferable skills in order to successfully adapt to the new economy. Traditional sectors such as manufacturing are experiencing declines in employment numbers as companies move their operations overseas, while more modern industries, such as e-commerce and software publishing, are seeing rapid growth in employment figures and wages. In response to this changing economy, it has become increasingly common to see companies partnering with educational institutions, such as community colleges, to help re-train workers and build a reliable labor pool to recruit from.

All of this should be good news for job seekers and employers alike. A competitive labor market ensures a motivated and dedicated work force for employers, while workers have the opportunities available to pursue new positions and develop their careers. This contributes to a robust and active economy that we can all believe in. When you get beyond the name-calling and mud-slinging that has so characterized the 2016 U.S. presidential election, you can rest at ease knowing the economy continues to move in a positive direction. Why have to choose between Trump’s “Make America Great Again” and Clinton’s “America is Already Great”? Let’s just make it better for all of us regardless, and the good news is: We seem to be going in the right direction.

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Need a Recruiter? Secrets for Getting the Best Jobs

Need a Recruiter? Secrets for Getting the Best Jobs

recruitment career







Job seekers could always use an added advantage while looking for a job. Knowing about recruiters and how best to work with them can provide advantages that simple job applications cannot.

Recruiters know specific industries, often have wide networks of contacts, and even have the ability to place the right candidate in front of a hiring manager on short notice. Although this sounds too good to be true, smart job seekers have gained the inside track on lucrative positions through recruiters.

Different Types of Recruiters

In general, there are three different types of recruiters. The first is an employee of a firm whose job it is to seek out talent. These human resources specialists are generally more passive, with the responsibility of receiving, processing, and pre-qualifying applicants for open positions. The second, and most sought after type of recruiter, are contract recruiters. A contract recruiter has arrangements with clients to find specific employees. Often a contract recruiter works with higher level opportunities. This type of recruiter is often referred to as a headhunter. The last type of recruiter is a freelance recruiter who works at large and generates income by presenting potential candidates to firms in the hopes of getting paid.

We’re going to focus on the second type of recruiter: the contract recruiter.

What Recruiters Want

The general rule with a contract recruiter is if you seek them out yourself, there most likely is very little reciprocal interest. The first rule is not to submit your application to a contract recruiter. A contract recruiter has three criteria by which they determine if they want a candidate. First, is there currently a contract to fill? The best candidate in the world serves no purpose to a recruiter if they don’t have a specific opening for them. Second, is the job seeker actively seeking employment? Recruiters get paid to find hidden gems. They do not get paid to help the unemployed or candidates who are on the open market. In addition, a job seeker who stumbles upon an opportunity incidentally could endanger tens of thousands of dollars in potential recruiter commissions. The third criteria is exceptional fit in terms of experience and personality.

How to Attract the Interest of a Contract Recruiter

The best way to attract a recruiter is to be visible in your industry. Recruiters look for award winners, public speakers, writers of articles, participants in industry forums, and important thought leaders. LinkedIn not only is an excellent tool for creating visibility, but also is a common source used by recruiters to candidates. Your LinkedIn profile should be up to date, you should include recognition and specialized skills, and you should join relevant LinkedIn groups where you can contribute content in order to get noticed in your field and attract interest. A LinkedIn profile also gives a job seeker the opportunity to publish industry articles. Activity on your account will increase the chances of a recruiter noticing you.

General Rules for Working with a Recruiter

Keep in mind a recruiter does not work for you, that you may be one of many candidates and your cooperation may make the difference between being assisted or not. A high-end recruiter may make a living placing between four and twelve clients a year, so quite a bit rides on successfully completing a contract. Working with a recruiter is not like going on a shopping trip. If you have criteria which must be fulfilled, like no relocation, make that clear before a recruiter puts a lot of time and work into your search. Do not refuse an interview and be very careful about turning down a position. By the time you get to that point, if you have been open with your recruiter, there should be no doubts as to whether the job is the right fit. Very few recruiters take the loss of a month’s salary lightly and many will stop taking calls from those who walk out on a “good opportunity.”

Contract recruiters may not be relevant to all job seekers, but for the right candidates they can make all the difference. Getting noticed by a contract recruiter can give you access to bigger and better opportunities that you otherwise would not know about. Get on the radar of contract recruiters by staying active in your industry and publicizing your work on social media channels, such as LinkedIn.

About RazorEdgeResumes

RazorEdgeResumes is the executive resume writing division of A Better Resume Service, Inc., combining more than 25 years of resume writing experience. We offer a full range of career search services, from LinkedIn profile optimization to resume writing and personal branding. We are able to analyze your specific situation and needs in order to provide personalized services that will help you get the career you deserve. With a proven track record of helping clients in all kinds of industries, put your trust in RazorEdgeResumes to help you take your career to the next level. For a free resume critique consultation by one of our experienced writers, email your resume to resumes@razoredgeresumes.com or schedule an appointment online.


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Smart Business People Make the Best Pokémon Go Players

Smart Business People Make the Best Pokémon Go Players

Pokémon Go Logo Pokemon

“Gotta Catch ‘Em All” has people around the globe seeking out 148 Pokémon characters. Interestingly, although a pure form of entertainment, the application of simple rules for business success also applies to Pokémon players.

Pokémon Go has become a world-wide phenomenon. According to Expandedramblings.com, more than 100 million people worldwide have downloaded the Pokémon Go app. It received more first week downloads in the Apple Store than any other app in history. More than 10% of Android devices have Pokémon Go installed on them.

So what can playing Pokémon Go teach you about how to be a more successful business person? You need to set goals, educate yourself on the market, play the long game and learn how to successfully build teams. Even though Pokémon Go may seem like a simple game to play, keen decision-making skills and long-term strategizing go into making a successful player. Below is some advice on how to be the best Pokémon Go player, and you’ll find that all of these tips have transferable applications in the business world.

Set Your Objectives

1). Collect as many Pokémon as possible.

2). Advance to new levels to gain additional advantages.

3). Use resources wisely.

4). Enjoy the rewards and entertainment gained from a job well done.

Educate Yourself

The Internet is full of tips and tricks for making you a better player. One of the most accessible sources is YouTube where you can find the latest Pokémon news and advice. For example, when you evolve Eevees, you get one of three Pokemon at random: Vaporeon, Jolteon or Flareon. However, if you rename the Eevee before you evolve it, you can actually choose what they will become. If you don’t know this trick, Google it and educate yourself.

Play the Long Game

It is easy to get caught up in short-term rewards at the cost of losing of long-term gains. Pokémon is a progressive game where the rewards handed to you are sometimes greater than the ones you use resources to obtain. For example, in levels 1 through 15, the Pokémon found usually have low Combat Power (CP) and there might be a temptation to boost this by using valuable Stardust. Imagine catching a Pokémon at level 4, increasing its CP and finding that at level 15, you find the same CP Pokémon just for the catching. Here are a couple of tips for being a successful Pokémon Go player.

1). Use Stardust when you possess at least 50K of it have at least reached level 15, some even say level 20.

2). Some Pokémon have two levels of evolution, these include Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Caterpie, Weedle, Pidgey, Nidoran (male/female), Oddish, Poliwag, Machop, Bellsprout, Geodude, Gastly and Dratini. Wait until you have enough candies to evolve them all the way. The first level usually takes around 25 candies; the second, 100. Your evolved Pokémon is based on picking the best option and evolving it up to higher levels. You don’t want to evolve at 25 candies only to find the next one you catch is better than the one you just evolved. A complete evolution table can be found here: Pokemongoevolution.com.

3). Use the evaluation tool to determine the potential of your Pokémon. A “perfect” Pokémon character will evolve the most and have the highest potential. You will waste weeks of work if you evolve inferior Pokémon only to find it can’t successfully battle with them.

Teamwork Makes for the Best Earning Strategy

The only way to earn Pokémon gold, which can be redeemed for upgrades, is to participate in Pokémon Gyms. A Gym can have up to ten levels, and the larger the number of Pokémon in the Gym, the less likely it is to be taken over by other players. Seek out Gyms with available openings, or train in a Gym to make an opening and then add your Pokémon to it. You can earn ten gold pieces a day in a Pokémon Gym. If you collect a number of high level Pokémon, you can have several Gyms earning you free income every day. If you take over a Gym, take it over with other people so you can fill as many positions as possible. When you take over a Gym alone and have the only Pokémon there, you are very likely to lose the Gym.

Oftentimes, the same skills that make you successful in the business world, also translate to other areas of your life. Pokémon Go is a prime example of how the same skills that make you a successful businessperson can make you an excellent Pokémon Go player. Learn to set measurable objectives, educate yourself on the playing field, think about the long-term potential, manage your resources in the most efficient manner, and develop effective teams to maximize rewards.

Pokemon Go character

If you have other tips or tricks to share about playing Pokémon Go, please add them to the comment section below.

About RazorEdgeResumes

RazorEdgeResumes is the executive resume writing division of A Better Resume Service, Inc., with more than 25 years of professional resume writing experience. We offer a full range of resources to help you get the job you want, from cover letter writing and personal branding to LinkedIn profile optimization. We provide personalized services focused on your specific situation and needs. With a proven track record of helping clients in all sorts of industries, put your trust in RazorEdgeResumes to help you take your career to the next level. Don’t miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime because you aren not prepared. Send us your resume for a free consultation by one of our experienced writers and see what we can do for you. Email your resume to resumes@razoredgeresumes.com or schedule an appointment online here.

For more resources, visit Job Search Success Central where you can find advice on how to optimize your job search and tailor it to the career you want.

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The job search process can be a daunting task for many, but you don’t have to go it alone. Find below a list of resources we’ve compiled to help you navigate the often confusing employment market and get you on the right track to landing your dream job.

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When was the last time you updated your resume? Send your resume to us and receive a free consultation from an experienced resume writer. Learn about what you can do to make the best first impression with a better resume. Also, learn about the services we can provide for turning a mediocre resume into a fantastic one. Resumes are often the first impression you make to a potential employer, so make sure you put your best foot forward.

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Driving Your Resume Off the Employment Highway – Funniest Resume Bloopers

Worried that mistakes on your resume are holding you back? Schedule a free appointment to speak with a professional resume writer. Use our online appointment scheduler to book an appointment or call 1-800-730-3244 to speak with a professional today.

Like a computer, resume outcome is only as good as the input. It only takes a small resume oversight to run your career off the job search highway. Often individuals will bring in unsuccessful resumes for review, only to find that with care, errors could have been avoided. Here is content from a few examples:

  • Certifications: Notary Republic
  • Completed evening shit work. (Too bad about the f in shift.)
  • Interests: Women and fishing, not always in that order.

Women or fishing. Resume Bloopers.

  • Social Worker: Assisted undeserved populations.
  • Resume with a picture of a tombstone on the front which read, “This Could be You!” On the back was a resume with an opening indicating the consequences of passing up this candidates excellent background.
  • Retail Clerk: Pretended to be interested in clients so they would buy stuff.
  • Administrative Assistant: Supported staff in daily activities… basically the office bitch.
  • Reasons for leaving the last three jobs. 1). Boss was crazy. 2). Boss was crazy. 3). Boss was crazy.
  • Adept at daily flogging.

Daily flogging. Resume Bloopers

  • Called potential customers for aluminum siding sales preferably while they were eating dinner.
  • Hospital Engineer under personal: Married to Boffo the Clown, available for children’s parties.
  • Proofreader: Ensured eror-free copy.



If you don’t think you need to have someone look at your resume, take the quiz below.

Should you write your own resume quiz.

Answer these questions.

1. True or False. A resume should always be one page.

Answer: If you answered true, then you should consult a professional

Answer 2: If you still think the answer is true, you REALLY need a professional.

2. Given a choice, you should have a friend, neighbor or relative write your resume or fix your brakes on your car.

Answer: It is more dangerous to have a non-professional write your resume than it is to have them fix your brakes. Your career can have a value into the millions and a poor resume will keep you from the best opportunities where as a bad break job has a much lower risk potential.

3. What is the best day to apply for a job?

Answer: Ask a professional resume writer or ask your neighbor who just fixed your brakes.

4. It is cheaper to write your own resume?

Answer: The bigger question is what would be lost by not having your resume done professionally. If for example, it took six months to find out a home made resume wasn’t working, then the cost of doing it yourself might be ½ a year’s pay which is definitely more than a resume writer would charge you.

5. What could possibly go wrong when doing my own resume?

Answer: Please reread this article from the top of the page.


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For more resources, visit Job Search Success Central where you can find advice on how to optimize your job search and tailor it to the career you want.


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