Essential Elements of the Modern Job Search

the modern job search

What You Need to Get a Job in 2020

For every piece of solid job advice that’s out there, there is some that’s outdated, and unhelpful.

There are certain things that you absolutely need if you want to survive in the 2020 job market, and we decided to compile a list of 10 of them.

If you want to land a job in this modern job market or at the very least get a leg-up on your competition, make sure you have these tools on your belt.


One thing that will become apparent as you apply for jobs is that many people are looking for things beyond the average resume and cover letter. Many hiring managers want to see some examples of your work

This is where the online portfolio and blogs come in handy. If you have physical examples of your work, or links to examples of your work, compile them all in an online portfolio, which you can send out to hiring managers. If it’s a bit more difficult for you to compile examples of your work, consider writing a blog where you can go over your work and your history in the industry.


A Plan of Attack

“Where do you see yourself in five years?”

Although this question is a bit of a cliché’, it is still one that you should consider during some of the crossroads of your life.

Before you just blindly send out applications, ask yourself what kind of work you want to be doing, and what type of company you want to work with. This will keep you from wasting time, and from getting a job that you end up not wanting.

References That Make a Difference

Take a look at some of the places where you have worked and asked yourself which of your past supervisors you would want potential new supervisors to speak with about you. Reach out to some of your former supervisors and ask if they would be willing to be listed as references on your applications.

Remember, you should always ask permission to list someone as a reference rather than just throwing them on an application willy-nilly. A few years ago, a former employee of mine asked me if I would be willing to be used as a reference. This employee often lied about the number of hours that they worked, and often slacked off on the job. I told them that I did NOT want to be listed as a reference as I had no intention of speaking ill of them to a potential new employer or lie and say their performance was exemplary. It turns out that they assumed that I was going to say yes and listed me anyways.

Luckily for this person, I was not contacted by their prospective company. If I had been, I would have told the truth about my former employee’s performance.

Proper Use of Business Cards

We often forget the magic of business cards. They’re a wonderful piece of cardboard that people tend to forget to throw away. Consider spending a few bucks on business cards that you can hand out to hiring managers.

Even if you are not hired for the job you applied for, you might get lucky down the line when they find your business card cluttering their wallet.

Also, make sure that you ask for business cards from everyone who interviews you. This is a good way to remember to send “thank you” messages after interviews, and a good way to build your own professional rolodex.


You’re going to hear “No…” a lot.

You are going to apply for a ton of positions that are never going to get back to you.

You are going to get to the final stages of the application process on numerous occasions and still not get the job.

It’s important to realize that these situations do not reflect on you as a professional. Pretty much everyone is going through similar situations right now. You need to be resilient to being turned down, and stick with it.


You need to have a network of industry professionals that you interact with on a regular basis. Keep in contact with professional from previous jobs, and work on building connections with other professionals in your industry.


You catch a lot more flies with honey than vinegar!

Whenever you talk to anybody, you are representing yourself as if you were your own brand. That means that you need to be on your best behavior and act as a professional with everyone you speak with.

Give firm handshakes, look people in the eye when talking with them and say “Thank you” often.

A Powerful LinkedIn Profile

Your LinkedIn profile is essentially the front page of your professional life. Because of that you need to put some real effort into building your LinkedIn page.

Regularly post articles on your LinkedIn page, ask people in your network to endorse your skills and write a solid bio about yourself that will attract hiring managers who stumble upon your profile.


Never forget that you deserve to hear back from hiring managers. If nobody is responding to your applications, reach out to the hiring managers directly by calling or email them.

You shouldn’t be persistent to the point that you’re sending multiple emails or making multiple calls every single day, but make sure that you are being persistent and are working to hear back from the company!

A Professional Resume

When it comes to finding a job, nothing matters as much as your resume. You need to make sure that you have a professionally crafted resume that can get through applicant tracking systems and into the hands of hiring managers.

That journey starts with hiring a professional resume writer. A professional resume writer can maximize your chances of getting your resume into the hands of a hiring manager. Click here to schedule a free consultation with a professional resume writer.


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Master the STAR Interview Model

STAR interview method

Understand and Implementing the STAR Interview Model

Job Interviews can be one of the most nerve-wrecking experiences ever if you feel unprepared.

If you Google tips for nailing your interviews, you will find millions of results that vary in degrees of success. However, you will see a common theme in these tips that talks about using storytelling as a method to intrigue hiring managers.

One of the best outlines for storytelling is the STAR Interview Model. The model has nothing to do with the cosmos or galaxy; instead, it stands for Situation-Task-Action-Result. These four components illustrate the main ways to concoct a story for your interviews.

How Do I Use the STAR Interview Model?

Let’s say you are applying for a job as the manager of a warehouse. During your interview, you are going to be asked questions about your experience that qualifies you for the job.

Think about the work you have done in the past and how it relates to the work you would be doing for this job. Next, thing about the qualities that the hiring manager wants to see in the warehouse manager. You can also think about the questions that they might ask you.  Finally, craft a story that shows that you have that experience using the STAR Interview Model.


For this example, we are going to say that you want to show that you know how to handle situations where you feel overwhelmed.

“Situation” doesn’t refer to the problem you were facing at your job (that’s task). “Situation” refers to, well, your own situation at that point in time. This includes where you worked, what your position was, what your position entailed, how long you were there and your employer’s status in its market.

For this example, we are going to say that we were a warehouse employee at a Target in the suburbs of Chicago. We are going to say that we were there for a few years and that the store was always remarkable busy.


“Task” refers to the actual problem you and your company faced at a point in time.

So, going along with our previous example, we are going to say that one day there was a perfect storm of chaos where the warehouse was understaffed, it was a big day for deliveries and the shelves needed to be restocked.



“Action,” as you might have guessed, refers to what you did as a result of the task at hand. Remember, you are picking a moment where you shined bright. However, you shouldn’t overly gloat or speak ill of your past company or coworkers. Instead, show how you exhibited great leadership skills and how you behaved as a team player.


Finally, we have reached the “Result.” This is the tail end of the model that goes over how your “action” went. Explain how it went well and what you and the rest of the business learned from it.

If the “result” has any sort of legacy to it, include that in the story. “Legacy” refers to how your action had lasting effects to the company and how they do business.

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Pandemic Job Search Etiquette

pandemic job search ettiquette

How to Behave in a Job Interview During the Pandemic

If you plan on looking for a job during the pandemic, be prepared for some major changes to the interview process.

Both individuals and companies alike are taking some major precautions in order to ensure the safety of themselves and their staff. As a result, it is important that you act accordingly with proper safety precautions. Not only does this show that you have everyone’s wellbeing on your priority list, but that you are also respecting everyone’s safety.

Follow these tips, and remember to stay safe.

Prepare for a Virtual Interview

More than likely, your interview will be done virtually rather than in person. However, there are companies that still will require an in-person interview, so the following steps deal with those circumstances.

For virtual interviews, there are some general things that you should consider.

First, make sure you have the technology capable of conducting a video call or a phone call. This means that you need to have a strong signal and a charged battery.

Next, you need to prepare your office space for the call. You don’t want the interviewer to be distracted by anything behind you in the video call, so make sure there is a blank wall behind you. Also, let your household know that you are going to be in an interview and need them to stay quiet for a while.

Finally, dress accordingly. Make sure that you are comfortable, but wear something professional so that the interviewer can see that you are taking this seriously even though you are at home. Neatly groom your hair/facial hair, wear professional attire, sit up and behave like a professional.

Dress up And Wear a Decent Mask

If your interview is in person, you should obviously still dress up. They need to see that you are taking this interview seriously. However, you also need to make sure that you wear an appropriate face covering to the interview.

Look, we all think that masks are a bit uncomfortable, but they are a necessary safety precaution during the pandemic. Wear an actual face mask that covers the entirety of your mouth and nose. Don’t wear a bandana around your face or an old T-shirt.

Luckily, decent masks are now available at basically all grocery stores, and can be ordered online. Make sure you have one prior to your interview.

Prepare to Get Your Temperature Taken (Don’t Go If You’re Sick)

When you go in for an in-person interview, there will more than likely be somewhere there who takes your temperature and asks you to sign paperwork saying that you have not been experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19.

Don’t worry, you won’t be sharing a thermometer that goes into your mouth. Typically, businesses use a thermometer that scans your forehead and takes your temperature that way.

This should be obvious, but if you are sick and think you might have the coronavirus, STAY HOME! Even if it seems like an unnecessary precaution, the interviewer will respect the fact that you didn’t want to risk the health of their office.

It will be really awkward if you go in for an interview only to find out you have a fever of 101.

Don’t Initiate a Handshake

Crack open any book about job interviews and you will probably find a full chapter on how to give a good handshake. Well, it looks like the handshake might be a thing of the past due to the coronavirus.

Since we are all trying to socially distance, handshaking is now off the table. For your safety and the safety of those at the interview, don’t initiate a handshake. If the interviewer initiates a handshake, don’t reciprocate if you do not feel comfortable doing so.

There is nothing wrong with saying that you are just trying to stay safe during the pandemic. Even though it is a bit awkward, a lot of people are now bumping elbows as your elbows typically don’t come into contact with surfaces nearly as often as your palms.

Keep Your Distance and Speak Up!

Try your best to keep about six feet away from everyone at the business where you are being interviewed. You may have to sit across from someone at a desk, or peer over someone’s shoulder at a computer screen, but make sure that you keep your distance from them the entire time with your face covered by a mask.

Since you are further away from people and from behind a mask, speak up! Make sure that you are articulating yourself well, and that can be heard by the interviewer.

Don’t Touch Anything, But Get a Business Card

As your mom used to tell you, “Keep your hands to yourself.” Yes, we already talked about how you shouldn’t shake hands, but you should also touch as little as possible.

Bring a pen with so you don’t have to use any of the pens that they keep at the business. Do not touch anything on anyone’s desk. Avoid using the bathroom there if at all possible

However, even though you are not supposed to touch anything, ask for a business card from the interviewer. On everyone’s business card there are multiple ways to contact them. This also gives you the correct spelling of their name (unless their business card guy really sucks). This means that you can send the interviewer a “thank you” for the interview. You also now have multiple ways to contact them so that you can follow up on the interview.



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Stay on Top of Your Resume

stay on top of your resume

When is it Time to Update Your Resume

When you’re on the job hunt, your resume is the best tool on your belt for landing jobs.

However, it can be very difficult to determine when your resume needs to be updated, and what is worth adding to your resume. Follow some of these tips so that you can make the best resume possible.

Customize Your Resume

If you’re like me, you have probably worn many different hats during your career. I’ve been a writer, a photographer, a graphics designer, a web designer, a producer, an editor and an SEO specialist. Because of this, I needed to customize my resume as my responsibilities changed. This way, I can send a resume that focuses on one of those skills rather than giving a comprehensive view of my entire life.

Add the jobs where you focused on the skills required by a specific job. Then, go into detail about how you utilized those specific skills.

For example, a few years ago I worked as a producer for a newspaper. This job required me to write, edit, shoot photos and design. When I apply for writing jobs, I mention my time with that newspaper, but I focus on all of the writing I did while I was there rather than a comprehensive view of each and every thing that I did.

You can have a list of general skills that you know how to do, but make sure that the things you focus on are what the hiring manger wants to see.

Awards From Noteworthy Organizations

While I was in college, I was recruiting students to work on the school paper. Every time I interviewed a student to work with us, it would typically begin with a critique of their resume. In one case, I had a student in their early 20s who mentioned that they were the state-runner up for their high school basketball team.

Although I am sure that he was proud of this achievement, I assured him that there were very few places he could apply to that would care about this.

You can add awards and accomplishments to your resume, but make sure that they are things that hiring managers in your field will care about.

On several versions of my resume, I mention awards that I won through the Indiana Collegiate Press Association for writing and design. However, as I have gotten older I have realized how less and less that achievements on the college level mean in my field. This became adamantly clear when I took a peak at my boss’s resume at a previous job and saw that he won an Emmy.

If you are wondering whether or not to add an award to your resume, talk with some professionals in your field and get their advice.

Jobs That Enhanced Your Career

You can split my career down the middle between jobs that enhanced my future and jobs that I took to pay the bills.

Working for an international webzine that flew me across the country to create content using best practices for SEO is something that is front and center of all of my resumes. However, working for my dad’s company in his warehouse taking apart old air conditioners when I was 15 is nowhere near my resume.

Although I hold that time working for my dad near and dear to my heart, the places where I want to work (media companies) don’t care that I know how to take apart old air conditioners.

Experiential Learning and Extra Curricular Activities

I was editor-in-chief of my college newspaper for the bulk of my college career. You better believe that I mention this all over my resume.

Even though you can argue that this isn’t “real world” experience, it still shows that I spent 4+ years learning journalism and teaching others.

Let’s say you want to work in accounting. If your college has/had a finance and accounting club, mention your time with the club on your resume! It shows that you are passionate about this industry to the point that you even spent your free time learning more about it!

Most colleges now have experiential learning courses. My college even required that we take a few. These are courses that have students apply their knowledge to the real world along with some in-class work. One of my experiential learning courses required my group and I to perform an audit of an existing business and then explain what can be done to improve their website.

When I look at the different jobs I have had throughout the years, I can safely say that this course gave me the knowledge that I needed for my future.

If you have any similar experiences, put them down!

Hire a Professional Resume Writer

The best thing you can do for your resume is to hire a professional to write it. Look, the job market right now is pretty rough. Jobs are hunks of meat that are being thrown to packs of ravenous dogs, and if you don’t do everything you can to maximize your chances, you will be left without even a few scraps.

A professional resume writer works to make sure that your resume will get through the applicant tracking systems and into the hands of a hiring manager. Click here for a free consultation with a professional resume writer.


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Top 5 Ways to Climb the Corporate Ladder at Your Job

How to get promoted in your company

How to Get Ahead at Work

When you find yourself at a job that you love, you hope to one day see yourself having more responsibility, having more authority and, of course, making more money.

However, climbing the corporate ladder in this modern age is easier said than done. It no longer boils down to the best employee getting the best treatment. Promotion now only happens to employees that go the extra mile and exhibit the core values the company wants to see in their employees.

If you want to climb the corporate ladder at your job, follow these steps to get started.

Start Small

If you go to your boss and ask for a promotion, it probably isn’t going to happen. However, you CAN start small by asking for some new responsibilities.

If you can show your boss that you have the time and capabilities to accomplish more in your workday, your boss will be inclined to give you more to do. Time is every company’s most precious resource, so if your time can be used more optimally, your boss will be inclined to do that.

Find some smaller tasks that you can accomplish at the workplace that fall outside of your job description. Run them by your manager, and get their permission.

If you do this job well, you will have a big dog in your corner when it comes time to renegotiate your salary.


Perfect Your Work

If you suck at your job, your boss isn’t going give you more tasks to do. First, you need to make sure that you are a pro at your job. To get good at your job, you should start by observing your coworkers that do their jobs well.

For example, I once worked at a design firm that designed pages for several newspapers across the country. When I first started, I was a novice designer at best; however, I was seated next to one of the senior designers. I would ask questions without getting too obnoxious, and watch him work so I could pick up on some of his tricks of the trade. Within a few weeks, I was a much better designer than I was before, and I could keep up with even some of the senior designers. This led to me getting more responsibility, and a more fulfilling work environment.

Show Leadership Qualities

If you want to be a manager, you need to show that you have a manager’s qualities. A great way to do this is to display leadership skills.

For example, if your coworkers are struggling to get their work done, help them. Always be willing to go over to your coworkers to make sure that they are getting help if they need it.

Another thing that you can do is to take control during hectic moments. If deadlines are approaching or the office is overwhelmed with work, be the calm in the storm. You can do this by making sure people are communicating with everyone, and by offering help once you are done with your work.

At the same design job where I worked, we had strict deadlines every single night. Some nights, for one reason or another, we were behind schedule. The best designers would announce to the room that they were done with their work, and that they could help whoever needed them. This type of behavior comes from those who are capable of having more responsibility.

Be Active

If your job has regular meetings, be an active part of those meetings. Take notes, ask questions, and offer to send the minutes of the meeting to those who could not make it. Good employees don’t go to meetings and just sit there. They are active and participate in the meetings.

Also, you should try to attend any and all team building exercises. You want to show that not only do you care about the company, but you also care about the company’s culture.

Know When It’s Not Going to Happen

At one of my last jobs, I was the top performer at work. I did more work than any of my coworkers, and I took on way more work than was expected of me within my job description. I also learned that I wasn’t paid as much as some of my coworkers who had the same job as me. Basically, they negotiated salary better than I had in the beginning.

I talked with my boss and asked for a raise citing the fact that I was the top performer at the office, and that I was underpaid when compared to some of my coworkers. My boss told me that she couldn’t increase my salary, but offered to let me “move my desk wherever I wanted.”

I was busting my tail at this job. I worked harder than the next two people combined. However, despite my effort, my company simply was not willing to compensate me for my effort. Within two months of this news, I quit and found a job with a better company.

For one reason or another, some companies just aren’t going to promote you in the foreseeable future. Because of this, you need to know when to fold you cards. If your job has no future, you should start looking for your next opportunity. That journey should start with hiring a professional resume writer to maximize your chances of landing your dream job.


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The 2020 Job Market is… Different

It’s Not You; It’s Them

If you’ve been looking for a job recently, you have probably felt frustrated, depressed and lackluster at more than one point.

You want nothing more than to find a job so that you can hone your skills, but even the jobs that you are over-qualified to take on are not getting back to you. Soon, you find yourself working a job that hardly pays the bills that you could do in your sleep.

We get it. You deserve better. You are qualified for so much more, but you just can’t quite get ahead. Sure, there are things that you can do to maximize your chances of finding work. Heck, we’ve written dozens of articles about that in just this last month. The issue is that the job market is different, and nobody is teaching job seekers how to navigate it.

We’ll offer you what help we can so that you can make your way through the job market, and into your next dream job.job search is different in 2020

Online Applications Are Awful, But Necessary

How many times have you clicked a link to fill out an application, and posting requires you to create a profile, upload all of your work history, talk about your educational history and include tons of personal information. Yeah, it gets annoying really fast. If you have filled out an online job application in the past few months, there’s no way you haven’t been asked to answer questions that the job recruiter can easily find in your resume.  Unfortunately, all that applications have become are just reiterations of our resumes.

Here’s where things get more frustrating. If you are applying for jobs online, there is nothing that says that your will even be called in for an interview. This is for two reasons. The first is that since jobs are posted online, people around the world are seeing them. This isn’t the ‘90s where you would drop off a copy of your resume at a local business that is hiring. You are basically throwing your resume into the lottery and praying that yours happens to be one of the ones that gets seen by a hiring manager.

Secondly, companies now use applicant-tracking systems. These systems filter through applications while weeding out applications that lack the keywords or key phrases that the businesses want to see in their applicants.  This doesn’t sound bad, but this is also why a lot of companies miss out on hiring people who are more than qualified for the job. For example, let’s say you want to work at an analytics firm. You have plenty of experience, and have worked for several other analytics firms. Some of which might even be bigger than this one. Unfortunately, the applicant tracking system threw your resume in the recycling bin because you didn’t use the term “fixed asset management” in your resume. You may very well know exactly what that is, but because you didn’t have it in your resume, you aren’t even getting a call back.

This is why hiring a professional resume writer is necessary. Look, money might be tight. Hiring a professional resume writer might even seem like a bit of a gamble, but you need to highly consider doing so. Hiring a professional resume writer is the best way you can maximize your chances of getting your resume in the hands of a hiring manager. Professional resume writers are trained to add the necessary keywords and key phrases to resumes depending on the jobs that the applicants want to land. Click here to schedule a free consultation with a professional resume writer.

Being Off the Grid is Not an Option

If you want to find a job in this market, you need to have some sort of social media presence. If you don’t, you are seen as someone who doesn’t know how to network, and as someone who isn’t savvy with the latest news.

You need a presence on social media, especially LinkedIn. Create some profiles, keep them updated and add them to your resume and portfolio.

Interviews Have Gone Virtual

When your mom and dad went on job interviews, they wore newly dry-cleaned suits, got fresh haircuts and commuted to job interviews with a briefcase and resumes in tow.

Times have changed. Pandemics have come into play.  Zoom calls have become the new norm.

You need to learn how to have virtual interviews, and how to have interviews over the phone. When you’re on the phone, stay calm. The only thing this company has to go off you is your voice, so make sure you don’t sound like you’re about to have a stroke from stress. If you have an interview via Zoom or Skype, make sure that you look nice, and make sure that you are doing the call in a place with no distractions. You don’t want the interviewer to be distracted by your 2005 Dave Matthews Band poster that’s in the background.

Be Patient

They say that the first person to quit, is alway thFinding a job is a full-time job in and of itself. Don’t go into it thinking that you’re going to find your next dream job at a Fortune 500 company within the next week or so. It is going to take time, but it will be worth it. Get back on the horse, and don’t quit.

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Remote Jobs That Pay $60K+

remote jobs that pay well.

High-Paying Jobs That Bring Home the Bacon From Your Couch

If you are working remotely due to the pandemic or because it is your personal preference, you’re probably worried about finding a job that pays what you need.

Fortunately, CNBC recently published an article giving five common remote jobs that pay more than $60,000

$60K Salary Remote Jobs

Technical Writer: $68,640 salary

  • Financial Analyst: $67,900 salary
  • Proposal Writer: $67,047 salary
  • Web Designer: $60,202 salary
  • Translator: $60,118 salary

Transitioning to Working From Home

Chances are that you are new to working from home. If you have never done it before, you might have been struggling with communication, staying focused, time management and organization among other issues.

Being productive while working from home can be difficult, but not impossible. Finding a remote position is what can be difficult.

If you want to start working from home, you need to start looking for a remote job. That journey starts with a great resume. If you really want to stand out above the competition, you should look into hiring a professional resume writer. Along with crafting you a professional resume, they will also give you tips on interviewing, and maintaining professionalism. Click here to schedule a free consultation. Remember, all services can be done virtually, so you do not have to come in and risk your safety during the COVID-19 pandemic!


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Why Some People Don’t Retire

Why some people don't retire.

Why Retirement Isn’t for Everyone

There’s a chance that there is someone in your life that is well beyond the age of retirement, but they continue to work. You tell yourself things like, “they don’t need the money, so why are they still working?” You might also wonder why they don’t spend the rest of their life enjoying their friends and family rather than at an office.

The reality is that for one reason or another, retiring simply is not for everybody. Some people don’t ever leave the workforce as their idea of a happy life is one where they don’t stop working.

Retirement Can be Deadly

According to an article from MarketWatch, people that retire at or before 62 are at greater risk of mortality.

Many people believe that it is because when you retire, you lose purpose. For many people, the reason why they get up in the morning is their job. Jobs give them the reason for staying active and even staying healthy.

Many retirees stop caring about their personal appearance and even their health once they retire. As a result, they become less healthy and lose purpose.

My wife’s grandfather did not retire from his law practice until he was 90. He simply believed that there was still work that needed to be done, so he refused to retire. He passed away four years after retiring, with zero regrets about waiting to retire. Many of the people in my wife’s family have this same mindset as they don’t often talk about what they want to do after retirement.

There’s Always More Work To Be Done

When you get involved in your job, it can become one of the chief focuses of your life. As a result, this can lead to your job becoming your sole-focus.

If there is still more work left to do at your job, it can be hard to find a moment to retire. It may feel like you are abandoning your old coworkers and the business you just spent your life making into something great.

If you are retiring from a business that you started, it can be exceptionally hard to retire as your business feels like an extension of yourself. Retiring may feel more like a nail in your coffin rather than enjoying your golden years.

You Don’t Have to Retire

There is no rule that says that you have to retire. Furthermore, you aren’t hurting your family or those around you by not retiring.

If your job is where you find fulfillment, you have every right to work for as long as you can. Just make sure that you make time for your friends and family members if you continue to work so that all aspects of your life can be fulfilled.

By not retiring, you can do more to secure your family’s financial future as well as being able to continue to support your industry.

What You Can Still Do After Retiring

If the downfalls of retiring scare you, you might want to consider doing some things to keep you involved once you retire.

Many retirees move onto volunteer work once they retire. Volunteer work keeps people active without all of the stresses of full-time work. If you can’t find any volunteer opportunities, you can also do part-time work.

You can also consider speaking at local colleges about what you did for a living, and give people who want to enter your industry some advice for their careers. Whatever you do, make sure that when you retire you find a way to keep yourself active!

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How to Get a Good Job With Google

find a job with google

How to Find/Land a Job With Google

There are currently more than 1,000 positions available now at Google!

If you want to get one of these jobs, you should follow some of this advice including advice from Google itself!

What Does Google Say?

A great thing about Google is that they make sure that applications are read by humans. They even say this on their website. Whether or not your application goes through the next steps depends on how you write that resume.

Google recommends that you tailor your resume based on the description of the job that interests you. This will stick out to the people that read your resume, and can help you maximize your chances of moving forward with the next steps.

If you really want to maximize your chances, you should consider hiring a professional resume writer. A professional resume writer will make sure that your resume contains everything that Google is looking for when they get the application.

Google also recommends that you be specific about your work experience. If you have been part of some impressive projects, go into detail about them. This includes talking about teams you’ve worked with, and college projects as well.

The jobs you are applying for probably have thousands of other applicants, so you need to try your best to stand out.

Find the Right Job

If you want to work for Google, you can follow this link to find jobs in your area and in your expertise.

For example, I entered that I was looking for a job in SEO somewhere in Chicago. I also said that I have my bachelor’s degree. Several jobs came up including a search analyst position. This was my first attempt at trying to find a job at Google, and I was able to find a solid job listing right away.

What If I Get An Interview?

If you are given the chance to interview for a position, you will probably do so via the phone or Google Hangouts. Google does do in-person interviews, just probably not during a global pandemic.

There is a good chance that you will be asked to demonstrate some of your abilities during the interview (especially if you want to be a software engineer), so make sure you can talk hands-free so you can type).

Google suggests that you plan out what questions you think you might be asked. According to their site, you will probably guess 90% of the questions that they will ask you. They also recommend that you work as a storyteller and answer every question they give you with a story that dives into that you know what you are doing and that you are qualified for the job.


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Penn Grad Creates Job Site For Those Who Lost Their Job Due to Pandemic

Post-Pandemic Job Site May Get You Your Next Job

The pandemic caused many people to lose all sense of productivity, but it caused one Penn graduate to jump into action.

After several family members and friends lost their jobs due to COVID-19, Sigal Spitzer created a website for individuals who lost their jobs as a direct result of the coronavirus.

new job search website

The website currently has more than 100,000 job listings as well as active recruiters who are helping workers find their next job.

How Does it Work?

The site works a lot like your typical job-search site; begin by inputting what kind of job you want and where you live.

From there, you will create an online profile similar to how you do on sites like Indeed. After that, you will be shown available jobs in your area, which you will be able to apply for directly. You will also appear in talent searches so that companies looking for people in your field will stumble upon your profile and your resume, so make sure that you have a great resume.

How Does it Stand Out From Sites Like Indeed?

If you have ever applied for a job on a site like LinkedIn or Indeed, you probably have gotten a notification saying that your application has been viewed. However, on this platform, users will receive a notification when a hiring manager finds their profile/application, and allows the user to reach out to the hiring manger first.

Another thing to point out is that you can search for jobs based on a job’s description. If you’re like me, there are times that you have seen a job title that wasn’t familiar to you, but when you read the description it sounded much like jobs that you have done before.

Should I Use It Instead of Indeed or LinkedIn?

If you are back on the job hunt, you should highly consider using this website to find a job. However, you shouldn’t use this site rather than Indeed or LinkedIn.

Applying for jobs is ultimately a numbers game where people apply for anything and everything that fits their needs until something eventually sticks. If you eliminate your presence on Indeed or LinkedIn, you are hurting your chances to find a job later down the road. Instead, you should add more channels for looking for jobs rather than reducing them.



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