Five Questions to Ask Your Online Resume Writer

Looking for a Resume Writer Online?

As with any online service, doing your background research on an organization before you make a purchase is essential. Online resume writing services are no different. No doubt you have seen dozens of advertisements for online resume writing services offering you a team of recruiters and hiring managers to help you with your resume. It is easy for anyone to set up a simple website promising the world, but how do you find the best resume writing service? Before you make a purchase online, ask these important questions.

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1.) Do you have direct contact with your writer?

Developing a relationship with your writer is essential to building an effective resume. Just like no two people are the same, nor should two resumes be the same. A resume is a selective document designed to highlight your career experience in a manner that orients yourself towards the positions you want to apply for. Without the opportunity to speak with the same person writing your resume, this personal element gets lost. A resume consultation should include a complete career assessment and discussion about where you want to go in the future. Without this conversation, it’s difficult to build a resume that is going to be effective in your job search.

2.) Do they offer a free consultation?

Before you go ahead and make a purchase, it is key that you build trust with your resume writer and get a positive sense of how they can help you. Reinventing an old resume and turning it around might be a waste of your time and money if you don’t actually communicate what exactly the purpose of your resume is with your writer. A resume for a retired physician looking for a part-time job is going to be much different than a resume for a physician looking for a new position in the same role. A consultation with a professional resume writer allows you the opportunity to assess your career goals and decide where you want to go in the future. These elements are essential to building an effective resume.

3.) How long have they been in business?

Like any business, resume writing services thrive off repeat customers and referrals. Without those, business is few and far between. Do your research on the company before you sign up for anything. Be skeptical of services that promise you a job immediately. Resumes do not guarantee you a job, but they do help get your foot in the door. Working with a team of experienced, professional writers will provide the expertise you need to get noticed. Razor Edge Resumes has been in business for more than 30 years helping clients around the world.

4.) Do they have a physical address?

In order to avoid the many fly-by-night operations online, conducting your due diligence on a business is important before you make a purchase. Determining whether or not the have a physical address and phone number is important. Will you have reliable recourse in case there is a service issue? Will there be someone to answer the phone when you call? Any established resume writing service will have a physical address and phone number associated with the business. In fact, the Better Business Bureau requires all listed business to have a physical address. Razor Edge Resumes is proud to maintain a A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

5.) Do they offer flexible pricing?

Many online resume writing services offer flat fees for resumes and cover letters. Any experienced resume writer will tell you that there is a great difference between putting together a resume for a new graduate and a resume for a senior-level executive with twenty years of experience. An honest resume writer will quote you based and the time and effort necessary to build an effective resume you can use to apply for the kinds of positions you plan on seeking. Additionally, your resume should reflect your intended goals. Are you looking to advance in your career? Are you looking to downsize your position? Let our team of resume writers walk you through the process of determining your needs and building you a resume that is appropriate to your goals.

Razor Edge Resumes has been in business for more than 30 years and has an A+ Better Business Bureau rating. Our services include full rewriting, layout, design and formatting of a new resume, cover letter and any other job search documents you may request. Careful attention is paid to understanding your past work history and strategically aligning your experience towards a new role.

Services include:

  • ATS (Applicant Tracking System) Compliant Resumes
  • Dynamic Cover Letters
  • LinkedIn Profile Preparation and Optimization
  • Transitional and Career Change Resumes
  • Military Conversion Resumes
  • Executive Resumes
  • Technical Resumes
  • Managerial Resumes
  • New Graduate Resumes
  • Reference Letters

A resume is something most people only need to write a few times in their life. At Razor Edge Resumes, we have a team of experienced resume writing professionals working full time to help job seekers get noticed in the modern employment environment. Looking for a new job is not always easy, but having an effective resume will help get you the attention you are looking for. After writing more than 100,000 resumes, the team at Razor Edge Resumes has developed an effective approach that consistently works for our clients.

Are you in need of a new resume? Give Razor Edge Resumes a call at 1-800-730-3244 to speak with an experienced resume writer immediately, schedule an online appointment, or send your resume into

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