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6 Best Jobs With Minimal Training Required

Not interested in taking the traditional, 4-year college route? Stuck in a dead-end job and looking to change your career in order to make more money? While the title of this article may be a tad misleading, as many of these jobs do require specialized skill sets, there are plenty of career options available that don’t require lengthy and expensive education. With unemployment at a 9-year low and the stock market surging, you will be happy to know that now is the optimal time to start exploring your options for a new career. Unfortunately many people settle for unskilled, easy-to-get jobs in the retail and hospitality industries. Even many college graduates who are unsure how to effectively market themselves in the employment market end up settling for low-paying jobs.

best jobs with no education 2017

For those looking to explore new options, the good news is that there are many fast-growing career paths that pay high salaries. Most of them require minor training from vocational or technical schools, which will cost you substantially less than traditional colleges and universities. Several of them even require no previous training besides a high school diploma, where all education occurs on the job or through a paid apprentice program. Lets take a look at some of the six most in-demand, high-paying jobs that require minimal or no training.

1.) Web/Software Developer

Web and Software Developers are some of the most in-demand, high-paying jobs currently available on the market. While many are intimidated by what they see as complicated programming languages or expensive 4-year computer science degrees, the fact is that many of these people who work in this industry do not have extensive experience or training. Fortunately, many of these programming languages are relatively easy to learn. There are plenty of programming bootcamps avaliable as well as free learning services such as Khan Academy. You can prove your real-world skills by contributing to open-source projects on sites like GitHub that you can add to your resume. If you are a motivated, independent learner, this might be the best career for you. The median salary for a Software Developer is $100,690, and for a Web Developer it is $64,970.

2.) Electrician

Ever wonder why people complain about a lack of people in the skilled trades? Its because all of the baby boomers who had those positions made enough money to send their children off to university in the hopes of getting white-collar jobs. The median pay for Electricians is $51,880 and the position is expected to grow at a rate of 14% in the coming years. The position only requires a high school diploma and all of the training is done through a paid, on-the-job apprenticeship program. Contact local electrician unions or contractor associations that sponsor apprenticeship programs for those looking to enter the industry.

3.) Dental Hygienist

If you can brush and floss your own teeth, then chances are you are capable of becoming a Dental Hygienist, however you will have to gain an Associate’s Degree to do it. Luckily, many of these programs are relatively affordable and have night classes that allow working adults to conveniently get a degree. Dental Hygienists assist Dentists with cleaning teeth and educating patients.  The median pay for Dental Hygienists in 2015 was $72,330 and is expected to grow at a rate of 19%. More than half of Dental Hygienists work part time, which makes the position great for people looking for a little side income. Here is some additional information about Dental Hygienist Careers Dental Hygienist Career Paths

4.) Paralegal

Paralegals assist attorneys in organizing files, drafting documents, conducting research, and communicating with clients. There are Associate’s Degrees and certificate programs available that will help you get a job, but some Paralegals are hired without any relevant experience or education. The median pay in 2015 for Paralegals was $48,810. For those looking to work in a professional, business atmosphere with minimal or no training, this is a great position.

5.) Plumber

Plumbers do more than just fix clogged toilets and leaky sinks. The plumbing industry is growing faster than average at a rate of 12% and Plumbers make a median pay of $50,602. Like with Electricians, this position requires vocational training or a paid apprenticeship. Although job growth is not considerably high, many employers report that demand is high and that they are unable to find enough skilled workers to fill positions. If you are willing to get down and dirty, this may be the career path for you. With some well-rounded business skills, you can even start your own plumbing company.

6.) Network Systems Administrator

Just about every business runs its own computer network now. Network Systems Administrators help keep those networks healthy and operational. While you may hear that this position requires a Bachelor’s Degree, many people get into the industry through on-the-job experience and relevant certificates. Some of the most in-demand network certificates include CCNP (Cisco Certified Network Professional) and CompTIA Network+. With their special skill set, Network Administrators are well compensated for their time, making a median pay of $77,810.



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